Thursday, March 08, 2007

At Last, Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

Thursday Bullets (Updated) :

- The Dolphins have signed K Jay Feeley. Olindo Mare is now free to go blame his missed field goals on the length of the grass somewhere else.

- What's this? The Heat beat the Bulls? They routed them? Whoa crap! I'm suddenly feeling a lot better about D-Wade's possible return. Long live The Bracketus!!!

- Speaking of The Bracketus, he's getting his very own reality show. For fat kids. Apparently Charles Barkley had other commitments.

- Hey, a football related Ricky Williams update! He's going to try to get re-instated into the NFL. All jokes aside, we need Ricky. We lost Travis Minor and Sammy Morris to free agency. Did I just say "all jokes aside...we lost Minor and Morris," implying that their loss has somehow left a huge void in our backfield? Yea, I think I just did. Sorry.

- Remember the guy Jimmy Johnson elected to draft over Drew Brees back in 2001? He's visiting the Titans. If he signs there, it'll be his fourth team in 6 seaons. (For those of you who have chosen to forget, his name is Jamar Fletcher*.) Meanwhile, the Dolphins are still trying to figure out how to fix their QB problem and fill the hole at CB. Thanks Jimmy! Have another Corona and, you know, drive home...

- Chris Chambers will not be a part of the Randy Mueller purge. Call me crazy, but I like Chambers. He's not a pure number one receiver but he's decent enough. Cutting him would be a mistake. Trading him on the other hand ...

- Given the nature of some MSD commenters and the way they like to celebrate good moves by the Dolphins organization on this here blog, I sure hope Tom Brady is not among them. Because if he is, he'll probably knock me up.

... ... ...

- The Dolphins re-signed DT Keith Traylor as well as safety Cameron Worrell. Traylor's an old dude but he's still has some gas left in the tank. It shores up the DT position some as well. Worrell is an ex-Bear who will serve as backup at safety and play some special teams as well.

- Good Hands has found a home with Scott Linehan and the Rams.

- Donte Stallworth paid the Dolphins a visit today. He's already visted the Patriots and Titans. I'd take Stallworth as long as it didn't break the bank. He's a speedy, talented guy. But he's also the Human Hamstring Strain.

- A source says that Trent Green spoke to the Dolphins today (scroll down). Green is set to earn $7.2 million in base salary in 2007. That alone should sound the alarms and flash the red lights. You do not give up a draft pick for a 37 year-old concussed quarterback and pay him 7 million on top of that. You just don't.

- Besides, we need all the picks we can get. We traded Dan Wilkinson to the Broncos for a 6th round pick last week and now he's not sure he wants to keep playing. If he retires, that pick goes poof!

*Thanks for the spell check on Fletcher, Seamus!

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Thanks for bringing up Fletcher over Brees. While you're at it, why don't you just staple my scrotum to my legs??!! Ugh.
Actually, his name is Jamar Fletcher. He was the old Jason Allen.
Donte is a huge talent.

If only he he didn't rip his hammy in half every time he sneezed, he would have had a deal already.
Damn, at this rate i'll have to take birth control to watch NE play the Phins...

Prima Donna Mare can go kick somewhere where the grass is the underside of his balls, bon-voyage...

I agee with JD, Stall's would've had a deal by now if he wasn't so accident prone...

Ricky back would be nice but maybe we'd have to implement a ganja flavored mouthguard...

Hope we don't lose that pick, that'd be one way to stick it to our ass on the way to retirement...

thanks for the updates Dude...always appreciated here!

Jamar Fletcher. GOD, that name inspires me to kill...
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