Monday, February 12, 2007

They're Older, Sting Can't Hit The Hight Notes Anymore, But They Still Kick Ass (Slow Sports Day in SoFla)

Roxxan ... PUT ON THE RED LIGHT!! ... Roxa ... PUT ON THE RED LIGHT!!

My favorite band when I was a little kid. Anyway, I'm working on more Dolphins Draft stuff and will post them shortly. And by "shortly," I mean when I get around to it!!


Yes he's older and no he cant hit the high notes anymore but Sting is still very hot :P


p.s. long time reader. this is the first time I ever comment here and it's not about sports :)
No one is hotter than Andy Summers!
That Eddie Murphy 48 hrs. clip is classic!
Welcome Trish. Your comments are always welcome (sports related or not)!
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