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The English Love Their American Football

The Dolphins-Giants game being held in London next season has sparked a huge interest over in the UK. More than 160,000 fans, mostly in the UK, have requested more than 500,000 tickets to the game. 500,000. That’s half a million to you and me. The NFL’s UK web site invited visitors to register for tickets. Traffic was so heavy the site crashed, was rebooted and crashed again. And again. London’s Wembley Stadium holds up to 90,000.

If you live here in the States and want to attend that game (which would be awesome, by the way), know that it’ll be a tough ticket to find. But Dolphins President Bryan Wiedmeier promised the team is working with the league "to make sure we have an allotment sufficient to accommodate our fans who want to go over there."

Wayne Huizenga said the team will put together travel packages for season ticket-holders.

I’m still against the game being held overseas. Only in that it seems like an unnecessary distraction. And losing the one home game in Miami could hurt. But, I have also softened my stance on this whole thing as well. I’ve run into a lot of UK Dolphins fans over the years – there’s a whole legion of them over there – and they’re just as passionate about the Fins as you and I. And given the enthusiastic turn out this will bring, as well as it being the first regular season game held in London, you have to know the crowd is going to be rowdy as hell. And if the majority of them are Dolphins fans – which I think will be the case – that’s an edge for our boys. Better, even, if they played the game here in Miami (given all the damn Giants/Jets fans that live down here and would fill up Dolphin Stadium).

I’m not alone in how I feel, overall. The Sun Sentinel ran a poll asking local Dolphins fans how they feel about this game.

37% (960 voters) say that the game being held in London is an unnecessary distraction.
24% (622 voters) say that it will mess up both the Giants and Dolphins schedule
22% (567 voters ) say it’s a good idea and would like to go to the game.

Either way, it is what it is. And I’m sure the UK representatives of DolphinsNation will come up big for us and actually put us Miamians to shame as far as showing up to a game and cheering through all 4 quarters is concerned. I also look forward to the fans serenading the Dolphins players. That’s going to be pretty cool.

Here’s a take from UK football fan and newest member of the MSD Community, Martin W:

"I feel sorry for you as a season ticket holder. However as a fan from the UK we're overjoyed!! If you hadn't already heard there has been 1/2 million tickets applied for. One home game every 16 years, is that really too much to give up?"

So there you go.

P.S. I know it’s like 8 months away but, if we can, I’d like it if I could get a UK correspondent who is going to this game to give the Miami Sports Dude web log a special report on the Dolphins-Giants game at Wembley. If there are any of you going or if there are other UK readers out there, let me know by e-mailing me. You’ll get your very own post and chance to report exclusively to local die-hard Dolphins fans about your experience. Let me know.


You know I was rather upset when I first heard the news of the overseas game. I am not a season ticket holder but I would have made an attempt to attend this game. Haven't seen the Giants in a while. The more I think about it the more I feel it's an honor to play over in the UK first. This isn't a one time thing. Next season more teams will play over there as well. We just happen to be chosen first and have the chance to make the Dolphins an International Product. I do feel for the season ticket holders and would probably be pissed as well if I was one.

I'm very interested in getting a recap from a UK fan who attends the game. Once again MSD taking it to the next level for South Florida bloggers.

BTW. How cool is it going to be to have a full stadium of fans drunk out of there minds chanting "Ole ole ole ole!" Oh wait, is that just at the World Cup?

Jeez, is it football season yet? Grmbl.
That UK Dolphin site is pretty cool. And them Brits can get pretty rowdy and shit faced at games (or, in their words: pissed) and should make this a hell of a party!
You make a good point about the U.K. fans being more rowdy and fired up than Dolphins home fans might be. The game being held in London doesn't matter either way to me. As long as the trip doesn't lag them. JT should maul Eli Manning. And the Phins get a bye week after that game, so it's all good.

But I agree with J.D. in that it's cool to be the first team to play a regular season game over there. Hope we're the first to win too.
I'd LOVE to go to that game. My only concern is the whole home-field advantage thing. But really don't think it'll make a difference. We just need to get into the playoffs and take it from there.
I'd like to take fingirl22 to the game.

Or a bar to watch the game.

Either one.
LOL. Sorry rojowill. I'm already taken.

Although if I had to choose someone to take to the game outside my boyfriend, it would be the Dude.

In your face, PinkWilliam!!
Ouch baby. Very ouch.
Get a room you two!! :-p
i think your completely right on that fact. its petty but sometimes the whole "home team advantage" means something and its just silly to send football all over the world when its not necessary.

unless i win something and the NFL are going to send me all expenses paid. if that were the case then HELL YES! lol
"unless i win something and the NFL are going to send me all expenses paid. if that were the case then HELL YES!"

I hear that, Yasamin!
(in my best british accent) I say right-oh to the buggers over theh...I think it's massively fantastic to unite with fellow fans...

I'm not a season ticket holder but I really don't give a horse's arse about where they are playing as long as they're winning rather famously...

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