Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oh Bugger! The NFL Just Kicked the Dolphins in the Goolies!

It had been rumored for the last two months. And now the NFL has made it official. The Dolphins will play a regular season game against the New York Giants in London next season. The game will be held in Wembley Stadium on October 28.

The NFL is looking to expand it’s tentacles in the world wide market. Which is fine when a game is played in Mexico or Japan or the UK during the pre-season.

But a regular season game? That’s barmy!

Worst part of all this -- naturally -- is that the Dolphins are the ones getting the proverbial short end of the stick in this deal. Miami will be considered the “home” team when they play New York -- which makes zero sense to me, given that the name New York derives itself from the Duke of York of England (ok, I’m nitpicking. But c’mon man! Bloody hell!). This means the Fins will only get 7 games in Dolphin Stadium in Miami next season. That’s 8 away games, one over-seas game that includes a combined 12 hour flight to and from the UK and only 7 games that will be played in their actual home. That’s fantastic.

Thanks NFL!

Now if we season ticket holders want to take a gander at this game in person, we’ll need to pay a hefty archer, which does not include all the bangers we’ll want to eat or fags we’ll smoke.



As a season-ticket holder, this pisses me off to no end!
I feel sorry for you as a season ticket holder. However as a fan from the UK we're overjoyed!! If you hadn't already heard there has been 1/2 million tickets applied for.

One home game every 16 years, is that really too much to give up?
You're right, Martin. When I saw the overwhelming ticket requests for this game, I was in awe (and mighty proud) of Dolphins Nation represented in the UK. And yesterday I wrote in a seperate post that this game might actually be more of an advantage for the Fins because we have a huge number of Giants fans here in Miami and our homegames are always a mixture of Fins fans and displaced folks from other states rooting for their team.

So, yes, selfishly it sucks. But I am glad you guys are going to represent over there. Do us proud, UK!
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