Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Adding Fuel To The Brady Quinn Fire

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the Dolphins are interested in possibly hiring former Chiefs quarterbacks coach Terry Shea. According to the Post, he could be in-line to be the new offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coach.

But what's most intriguing about this is that Terry Shea is currently tutoring Brady Quinn to help prepare the former Notre Dame quarterback for the upcoming draft.

Now it's no secret that I really like Brady Quinn and hope the Dolphins somehow draft him. I've said so here, here and here. And when ESPN Draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. recently released his first mock draft, he had Quinn dropping to the Fins at No. 9. What proceeded was an avalanche of reactions from Dolphins fans on call-in radio shows, water coolers and blog commenters (I'm looking at you, MSD Nation). It started the first real talks among fans about the up-coming draft and whether or not we should take Quinn with the number 9 overall pick.

Realistically, it's unlikely the Dolphins will get to draft Quinn. The Raiders, Lions, Bucs, Browns, Redskins, Vikings and Texans all potentially need help at quarterback. And all pick ahead of Miami. And most radio personalities and writers (like this guy and this guy) believe getting Quinn is a pipe-dream.

But if this Post report is true, then we have to acknowledge that Dolphins brass is at least interested in Quinn. We also have to assume that there is still a possibility, however slight, that Quinn will fall to the Fins and that they'll draft him. Certainly the door remains open. Matt Leinart fell in the draft last year. And so did a certain quarterback from Pitt back in 1983.

So it's still possible. Right?

I guess we'll see. For now, if this PB Post report ends up being accurate, then the Quinn-to-the-Fins talk will not go quietly into the night.

Go Fins...

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Hey Dude. I hope its not too early to talk draft here, seeing that I managed to annoy Armando and at least one other blogger. Quinn may or may not be there, but I'm curious to know who you would rank as your top 9 prospects for the Phins. I would also like to see who anyone else ranks in their top 9. I know it is early in the game, but it will be interesting to see what everyone thinks about the incoming rookie class and also give us some guys to follow at the combine. I would say we can include Adrian Peterson in the list, even though it is unlikely the Phins would draft him, because it is almost certain he will get drafted before our pick. I just want to see what it looks like our worst case scenario draft pick might be. I think we should be able to find someone who can make an impact at #9. Please anyone who is interested post your top 9 rookies! I need to do research but I'll post my list soon. Thanks.
That's a great idea, NY. I too have to do my own research. All I know now is what I read from the Dude's earlier post about the Senior Bowl. What I'd like to see are what exactly are the Dolphins' needs.

So far, the only guys I really know are Quinn, Russell, Calvin and Joe Thomas. I'd take any one of those guys at 9.
I don't see Quinn falling like Leinart to us. The teams picking ahead of us are also in need of a QB and Quinn is too valuable to pass up. With that said, I’d like to see us take Ted Ginn Jr. at 9. The guy is all speed and this team has been lacking a play maker like him forever. Ginn would also allow Chambers to play better. Quinn IS a pipedream. So we need to start thinking about other players.

Never too early to talk Draft, NY!

I don’t know why guys like Armando get all huffed up about draft-talk in February. It’s what being a sports fan is all about.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting my own mocks and rankings as well as my own scouting reports on certain players I hope the Fins target. And, Marv, I’ll also post the Dolphins’ needs sometime today – ranked by order of needs.

I’d love to hear what MSD Nation thinks about what the Fins should do at 9. We’ll be chatting about this till the big day comes!
Here are me top 9, New York:

1. Calvin Johnson, WR GT
2. Adrian Peterson, RB Oklahoma
3. JaMarcus Russell, QB LSU
4. Brady Quinn, QB ND
5. Joe Thomas, OT Wisconsin
6. Gaines Adams, DE Clemson
7. Ted Ginn Jr., WR Ohio State
8. Dwayne Jarrett, WR USC
9. Reggie Nelson, S Florida

I got Peterson at #2 but I don’t think Miami should target a RB. Too many other needs to fill.
Here are MY top 9.

I'm still jazzed up about the game in London, apparently.
My top 9 right now would be:

1. WR Calvin Johnson
2. LT Joe Thomas
3. QB Brady Quinn
4. QB JaMarcus Russell
5. RB Adrian Peterson
6. DT Alan Branch
7. DE/OLB Gaines Adams
8. DT Amobi Okoye
9. OT Levi Brown

I feel really good about the top 7, but the other 2 spots were harder to pick. I think these other guys are in the discussion...

Ted Ginn (I wish he was bigger)
Dwayne Jarrett (I wish he was faster)
Leon Hall
LaRon Landry
Reggie Nelson
Darrelle Revis
Jammal Anderson (Not the dirty bird)
I like it. You really think Ginn's size will hurt him? I see a guy with his speed and frame and I think Randy Moss.

What position does Jamal Anderson play?
Randy Moss - 6'4 210
Ted Ginn - 6'0 177

There is no comparison. If he had Moss' frame he would be a top 3 pick. There must be a misconception about him...Ginn doesn't have much of a frame. He must just look tall standing next to Troy Smith.

Anderson is a DE with a lot of raw talent. The scouting site I saw compared his size and speed to Reggie White, but said he needs a lot of development.
Ginn hasn't shown a desire to go over the middle. If he did he would be a homerun pick. As he is, he's still a top 15 player for sure and a great kick returner. Jarret is much slower, but makes tougher catches in traffic and is 6'4. I think both will still be great pros. Its tough to nitpick such talented guys.

I like your list too, I wouldn't feel cheated if the Phins took any of those guys at 9. Did you see much of Nelson in college? I was impressed with the limited action I saw of him. Do you think he would play SS or FS?
Doug...I meant to mention, that I was under the impression that Ginn was bigger also, until I read up a little more today. I just re-read my other post and wanted to make sure I didn't come off as a know-it-all.
No problem, NY. I appreciate your insight. I haven't read up too much on these guys but I do like Ginn. Nelson is a really good safety. He flies around and covers the whole field but, like Ginn, he's a little bit small (needs to bulk up). But I think he's one of the better DBs coming into the draft.
Nice job guys. I'll be posting my own list here soon.
Ok here we go

1. QB JaMarcus Russell
2. WR Calvin Johnson
3. OT Joe Thomas
4. RB Adrian Peterson
5. QB Brady Quinn
6. OT Levi Brown
7. DE Gaines Adams
8. DT Alan Branch
9. CB Darrell Revis

I LOVE Russell. Also love Calvin. Ginn and Jarrett don't really excite me. Not for the No. 9 pick. If we had a pick in the middle part, then maybe. Otherwise, unless it's Calvin, I'm taking another position instead of WR.
Unless a freak of nature occurs I don't see either one of my guys (Russell or Quinn) falling to 9 but for shits and giggles let's say they do...

here goes...

1. Russell
2. Quinn
3. Thomas
4. Nelson (i'm a Gator (sorry Dude) and Nelson is quick and he's sharp)
5. Revis
6. Okoye
7. Ginn
8. Jarrett
9. Johnson
"i'm a Gator"

Uhhhg... Lady Phin. You broke my heart. And on the eve of Valentine's Day!

I weep...

(Nice list, though)

The "U" is still alright in my book, even when they play Florida, I enjoy watching them play against each other. I've always respected the Canes defense and speed (especially against the Semihoes, Uggh).

I hope this redeems me :)

We're good, LP. You rock.
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