Monday, January 01, 2007

So Long Coach

I know I gave this game very little importance yesterday. But it's because I demand more from my Canes than a token appearance in the damn MPC Computers Bowl. But I did watch and I did cheer when Chavez Grant made the game winning interception with 20 seconds left to play. And, I was happy to see Coach Coker go out a winner, with his players carrying him on their shoulders. The Herald quoted DT Kareem Brown, who said: ''I'm real happy for Coach Coker. You know why I'm happy for him? Because we love him.''

As do we fans. Our happiness over Coker leaving the program is more of closure. It was simply time to move on and start a new era. Yes, some fans are just jerks and act like irrational animals and forgot what Coker did for this team. But I think most of us appreciate the coach. He won us a National title in 2001 and brought back a lot of respect and class to the Hurricanes.

So, yes it was the crappy MPC Bowl and yes it was played in Idaho -- the first and last time any of these players will ever be there -- but a win is a win. And Coker is a winner. And he deserved to go out a winner.

Thanks for the memories, Coach!


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