Sunday, December 31, 2006

MPC Computers Bowl Kickoff: 7:30 PM

It's the granddaddy of all shitty college bowl games. The MPC Computers Bowl! Well, maybe not even the granddaddy. Let's say, the second cousin. The second cousin of all mediocre college bowl games. The kind of bowl that was originally designed with the Boise Community College Fightin' Muskrats in mind.
And the U will be playing for whatever shitty trophy they give out at the end of this incedious crapfest.
And if you plan to watch tonight (as I do, because by 7:00 tonight, the Colts would already have dismantled the Dolphins in Saban's last game as head coach of the Miami Dolphins) do not try to adjust your TV screen. The Bronco Stadium field is blue. Because the folks in Idaho figured, "What the hell. Let's make the goddamned field blue."

So it really comes down to either getting a headache from watching a blue football field for 3 and a half hours or getting a headache from the fact that the U is actually playing in the MPC Computers Bowl.

Oh and the U will be playing the Nevada Wolf Pack. It's the first time these two juggernauts meet.

Preview (seriously, if you click on this to read the game preview, you deserve Paul Dee's job because you are Mr. Cane. God bless you!)



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