Monday, November 06, 2006


Holy crap … did that really happen? Am I imagining all this? No. I’m not.

It was shades of 1985 as the Dolphins quieted their critics, quieted their alumni and, hell, they even quieted The Dude. Yup, they pretty much quieted … well …pretty much everybody … with this stunning victory.

For the record, I went ape-shit while watching this game. I yelled, pumped my fist like Derek Jeter and screamed out a lot of "Yea Babys!" I was fired up.

As you all know, I’m rooting for a total team melt down so we can get the number one overall pick in next year’s draft. This win may have just cost us that. But it was worth it. I’m so proud of how our boys stepped up and I really love the way Jason Taylor just flat out took over. We haven’t seen that kind of leadership since Marino – the kind that steps up and backs up his words with his play and flat out refuses to lose, no matter the circumstances.

Jason Taylor played out of his mind. And I was screaming my lungs out. I don’t think I’ve ever cheered a 1-6 team with this much passion.

Anyway … great win. And, to cap it off, Tom Brady threw 4 picks in Sunday night’s loss to the Colts. Man, what a weekend! For the record, I don’t think the Colts will go perfect. So, it was okay to root for them when they played the Pats last night. Best of all, Bill Simmons is upset today, which just makes my weekend perfect all around.

And to answer the question of how The Kooch feels about this win – go here.

And for a perspective of a Dolphins fan living in Chicago, who went to the game, go here.

And finally ... no, no, thank you, Don Pierson. Old people are so cute.

P.S. Sorry for the late and brief post. Work is nuts today. If I can, I’ll post more thoughts on this game later. I also want to squeeze in a Borat review. I caught it this weekend. In a word: Brilliant!


Great win yesterday! Now I can remove the cardboard flap that I was using to cover my Miami Dolphins license plate on my car!

Feels good to win. Wish it happened more often.
Jason Taylor was a man possessed yesterday. It was also good to see Yeremiah Bell play as well as he did and even the rookie Jason Allen got in on the fun. Where's this been all year?

And mad props to the o-line for doing their job. Ronnie Brown showed us what he can do when the offense is clicking.
I actually watched the game with a buddy of mine that is a HUGE Bears fan. (We also watched the Heat-Bulls game last week and that was brutal). So it was sweet indeed to talk some serious shit and stuff the win in my buddy's face. He was so pissed. He was talking a lot of crap before hand.

Nothing better than shutting up an obnoxious douche like him with a huge upset like this one.

go fins!
I bought a Channing Crowder jersey 30 minutes before kickoff b/c my Daunte jersey wasn't giving me any luck this year.

I blame this win squarely on my new jersey.
YA Tittle: I love how you call your friend a douche. Nothing brings good buddies closer than sporting events!

JD: A Channing Crowder jersey? Really? I had not idea those existed.
NO idea. Damn fingers with minds of their own!





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