Friday, November 03, 2006

Does A Bear Shit In The Woods? -- Miami at Chicago

Yea, you can pretty much count me in as someone else who thinks the Fins have no chance of leaving Chicago with a win this week. You can shut down the whole underdog Dolphins defeating the undefeated Bears back in ’85 talk too. Because that Dolphins team was led by a young Dan Marino settling into his prime. And this Dolphins team is led by a young Joey Harrington who will never have a prime. Unless you count his piano playing skills. I will say this about Joey – he pissed off Kim Bokamper and that is aces in my book! Awesome, Joey. Awesome.

Speaking of the ’72 Dolphins, I’ve always defended their champagne popping antics every time the last undefeated team lost every season. As a Dolphins fan, I am proud that we still hold that record of a perfect season. But the act has grown tiresome to the rest of the football watching world. But fuck them, right? I mean I have to take ESPN’s never ending love fest for all things Belichick and Brady. I have to watch Sean Sailsbury force feed me the Greatness of Peyton Manning and I have to watch every sports geezer drone on and on about Brett Favre’s Messiah-like qualities. So let us have a little something too, you douche bags.

But I do have to say Bob Kuechenberg’s comments this week about the Dolphins having no soul and calling for Saban’s “impeachment” was idiotic. I agree with Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas, who both said Kooch should’ve kept that stuff to himself. Kooch may be right. But, dude, shut up. Bitter much? Yea, I’d say. But whatever. I’m old-school like that I guess. Just keep waiting for that phone call from the Hall of Fame, Koocher. I'm sure it's coming soon.

You’d never hear something like that out of Dan Marino’s mouth or even Don Shula. And both those guys have the biggest rights to say anything derogatory about the Fins publicly than anyone. That's right, I'm grumpy today. Now get off my lawn you damn rotten kids!!!

So, there’s my take on that. Disagree? Let me know in the comments.

Anyway, back to this week’s game. Like I’ve been saying all along, I want us to lose every single game for the remainder of this season. Because I want the number one overall pick in next year’s draft.

We’ll be one step closer to that goal after this week. And it doesn’t help the team’s cause when you wake up and read this.

So there you have it.

Dolphins: 10 (a TD in 4th quarter garbage time)
Bears: 35

Oh and the Heat play the Nets tonight. But I’m hitting the movies to watch Borat tonight, so I’ll have to catch the highlights on Sports Center. Right after the 20 minute vignette of the awesomeness that is Tom Brady...


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