Friday, July 20, 2007

MSD Site Update

Hey MSD Nation. Still out there? Hello??? Echo ... Echo ... Still with me? I hope so. Anyway, I've been able to resurrect my fried computer and will be back on the blogging super highway in no time. While it's breathing again, I still have some kinks to smooth out. So I'm not entirely back yet.

HOWEVA!... MSD will be rolling again in about a week or so.

So, look for the new site to be launched on Monday, July 30. Just in time for Dolphins camp! Weeee!

Until then, keep your dogs away from Mike Vick, your horses away from Joey Porter and check in with JD for your daily Dolphins news (and Heat, Marlins and Panthers stuff too).

See you on the 30th!

P.S. Lady Phin, I'm sure the guys miss you. I know I do...

P.P.S. FinGirl, thanks for your messages. You rock my world ;)



I can't wait to see what you have cookin.

Miami Heat Wired
Def can't wait to see whats in store. You been taking your sweet ass time it better be good punk.
DUDE!!! It's been a dog's ass since we've blogged...i was going through withdrawal..

glad MSD nation is back up and running and I can't wait for the new site to launch...

and to all my MSD men, I missed you guys and can't wait to get back to the sexy discussion...

DUDE!!! Ain't seen cha in a koon's age. Glad you're getting back up and runnin'. Hi everybody. Go 'Phins.
LOL. No problem Dude. Looking forward to the new site.
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