Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Trent Green Press Conference Highlights

Trent Green is now officially a Dolphin after passing his physical. The Fins then introduced him at a press conference. Some hightlights:

- Cam Cameron said he knows Carl Peterson for a long time. He said nothing about Peterson's douchebaggyness. But I'll say it. Carl Peterson is a douchebag
- Trent Green first thanked Randy Mueller. He also thanked Peterson but it sounded to me like he was saying it out of obligation. I'm betting Trent Green is down with my theory that Peterson is a douche.

- Green praised the Dolphins defense and said "It's time for the offense to catch up." No shit Green. No shit.

- Green thanked the KC fans. Then said he's excited about turning things around here for the Dolphins fans. Green probably thinks his Chiefs offensive line and Larry Johnson came with him as part of the package.

- Cam was asked about Daunte Culpepper's status. Cam answered that this press conference was about Trent Green and his family. He then said the Dolphins are "working through some things" concerning Culpepper and that we should know more by Friday.
When asked about the differences between Green and Culpepper, Cameron said he's "not a guy who compares guys." This may explain why he drafted a one-legged punter with the number 9 overall pick.
- He repeated again that this press conference is about Trent and Julie Green and their family. What is it with Cam and the whole family thing? Is little 9 year old Bobby Green going to play tight end for us and we haven't been notified? Ted Ginn's mom Katherine is the long snapper.
Those are some of the highlights. Hear the rest of it over at the Dolphins website. As for me, I have accepted Green as our new QB. Whether or not it's an upgrade or whether or not we gave up too much for him is something we'll just have to wait and see... meanwhile, my man (and fellow 'Tanker) Gabriel Santamarina over at The Phish Tank is none too fired up about Green coming to the Dolphins. Check out the column for his reasons why.
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UPDATE: Forgot to mention this little pimp spot for JD. If you haven't heard, our pal over at SporTech Matter is an interweb radio star! A couple of blogs have come together and formed "The Hits Keep Coming," a weekly radio show that airs every Wednesday at 7:00PM. They chat, analyze and comment about the world of pro baseball. You can also call in and ask a question. One of these days I'm going to call and totally mess with JD. Anyway, check it out tonight at 7:00.

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Thanks for the plug Dude. You the man.
LOL...that is the most unique take I've ever read on a press conference...nice breakdown...Go Dolphins!
Well, at least he's excited to come here, I hope his completion/touchdown percentage is as high as his enthusiasm...

I wonder what the locker room is gonna be like, the guys seemed (in interviews) to have a lot of respect for C-Pep...

I heard somewhere that Ted Ginn's tia-abuela was gonna be the kickoff holder for windy, rainy games.

Just an unconfirmed rumor. Don't quote me on it.
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