Tuesday, June 05, 2007


BREAKING NEWS: According to FoxSports.com, the Dolphins have finally landed QB Trent Green from the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs agreed to a 2008 fifth-round draft pick that could become a fourth-rounder if Green meets certain playtime incentives.

A physical is still pending. But it's official.

Trent Green is a Miami Dolphin.


Let me be the first MSD Nation member to welcome the Cabbage to Miami.

Oh joy.
No words...
I'm stuck on "Oh well".

C-Pep is not budging, this could get ugly if he stays through the camps
I've always been a Trent Green fan. Since his days with the Rams and when he blew out his knee and Kurt Warner was given the job, I was really hoping we'd pull the trigger and trade for him. 10 years later, I guess it's okay. A 5th or 4th round pick isn't so bad is it? If he can keep his head (litterally) than he will be much better than Culpepper and Lemon could ever be with the Dolphins.
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