Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This Is Getting Brutal

More Dolphins off-season barn burners:

- Ethan Skolnik has a Q&A with former Ram and Lion, the immortal Az-Zahir Hakim. Not included in the questions: "Seriously now, on a scale of one to ten -- ten being the worst -- how far off are the Dolphins from being as shitty as the Lions?"

- Jason Taylor was just as shocked as you that the Dolphins passed over Brady Quinn. JT is also very worried that Trent Green will be a pile of moss before the season is over.

- Cam Cameron tried to rationalize the Fins' trip to London for a regular season game this season:

"If we play the way we're capable, you can gain added home games at the end of the season," the coach said Tuesday in London, where the Dolphins take on the New York Giants on Oct. 28. "That's our challenge."

Sounds awfully Wanndstedtyish to me. But whatever. It is what it is.

Meanwhile, KSK has a handy guide for English fans who plan on attending or watching the game.

Tune in tomorrow for more Fins non-news news. Until then, enjoy some Adriana Lima (MSD has a lot of readers but only a handful of commenters. Perhaps taking requests will change that?):

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As funny as your first point is, sadly it's not too far off. At least on paper, the Lions appear to be getting better. Calvin Johnson, Roy Williams -- wow. If Drew Stanton works out, watch out.

Oh and a request: Jessica Biel.

Thanks :)
Rosie O' Donnel!!!
Still waiting on a Lady Phin pic. Whatever happened to Fin Girl? Are you still out there? Dude, perhaps a pic of Brad Pitt will being more lady phins out here? Just sayin.
BRING not BEING. See what the possibilities of more LPs does to me!
Lady Phin!!! Why, oh why did you do that to me? Females that love football aren't supposed to look like Halle Berry. How am I supposed to sleep at night? If while I'm watching the 'fins win, my mind starts to wander off seeing a Halle Berry figure coming out of the water at the beach, I'm going to get pissed. Still not sure if it'll be off or on. :-) Here's waiting for that myspace site.
Dude, if the lions end up with a better record than the 'fins this year, I'll know we've gotten really bad.
To The Dude:

Did you ever know that you're my hero? You're everything I would like to be.

Thanks for the Adriana pics. EXCELLENT choices! (from her hey-day, no less)

Here's tomorrow's request:

1) Lady Phin (clearly)
2) Jessica Biel (did you notice how perfectly her ass jiggles in the trailer for 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry'...jeeeeeezzzuussss)
Some of you clearly need to get out of the house.

Thanks for the at work visuals Dude! guys are total horndogs! :)I'll work on that photo...

Dude - um, yeah Brad Pitt, Paul Walker, David Beckam,Jason Taylor, LL Cool J - all will suffice for the MSD ladies, of course, if i'm showing a pic, it's only fair that I see my MSD men! (who are all bonafide hunks by virtue of their love for the 'Phins and dazzling senses of humor...which is SEXY!!)

Oh and, if we're not as good at least (and on paper no matter)as the Lions, I will officially drink myself into a drunken stupor...while frolicking in South Beach!!

I'm down, LP. I'm so down.

Just read that JT was extremely upfront in a recent SI article. I can't help but fuckin' love that about him.
Lady Phin,
Don't make me wish the unthinkable!
Dude give the ladies a few pics. They deserve some spoiling what with all this abuse they get from us!
Hey Dave. I'm here. :) Haven't commented in a while but I read daily. I guess in a way Lady Phin comments for all us Fin Chicks. She's our babebassador ;) Thanx for thinking about me though.
Oh and Dude, def some Brad Pitt or Russel Crowe or Clooney...
I request Kiera Knightly.

And I must confess as a long time reader I'm intrigued by Lady Phin.
Scarlett Johansson. Please. That is all.

fingirl, I like "babebassador"...yeah, i'll definitely keep stopping by and taking the abuse here...

you guys are great, when's the MSD cookout/meet and greet?






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