Friday, June 22, 2007

Taylor Out Of Context? Hardly.

SI took Jason Taylor's scrambled eggs quote about Trent Green out of context. Or so Taylor says. Dolphins' spokesman Harvey Greene said the following:

“I talked to Jason. The quote is garbage. It was taken out of context.”

Really, Harvey? That's the extent of your explantation? And how is it even possible to take this out of context?:

“This is off-the-record — oh, what the hell, it’s on the record: [Trent Green] better not get hit. One big hit, and he could be scrambled eggs.”

Apparently, the Dolphins handle their PR pretty much the same way they handle everything else. Like shit.

There's not much to take out of context from "One big hit and he could be scrambled eggs."

And it's really not all that far from the truth. Isn't JT just expressing what we all feel anyway? And doesn't he have the right to speak out like this? The guy has wasted a brilliant career playing for this shithole of a franchise and I for one, think he's earned the right to say whatever the damn hell he wants to say.
If Taylor ever called Zach Thomas a neckless midget, so be it.
He has free reign.
The purists will pipe up and say Taylor isn't being "a team guy," or "a leader" or is "causing divisiveness in the club house."

But fuck all that. Fuck the purists. And fuck Trent Green. Yea I said it. I mean, really. Here's a guy who has given his heart and soul to a team that has churned up mediocre QB after mediocre QB (not to mention mediocre head coach after mediocre head coach) since Dan Marino retired. And he's a guy who has singlehandedly been able to turn The Fabulous Tom Brady into a shriveling little cunt when just about every other NFL team has failed. Jason Taylor was the main reason this team managed to win more than two games last season. Jason Taylor is the Miami Dolphins. And like the rest of us, he wants this team to win and win soon.

I'm sure Taylor is not done "explaining" himself to the media. But I think what he said came out of dissatisfaction with a team that keeps recycling injured quarterbacks and keeps missing the playoffs. Out of context my ass.

Was it a bit much? Yea, maybe. Was it spoken out of frustration? You bet.

But it was also mostly true.

You do what you gotta do, Jason Taylor. Now just make sure to bottle some of that frustration so you can lose your shit against the Patriots and turn Tom Brady into your own personal hand puppet. Again.

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Got to love J.T.'s candor. And no doubt this whole "out of context" thing was a PR move by the Fins to smooth things out. The Sentinel says Green has no comment on the matter. But what can he say? This is Jason's team and he better bring it.
I stand behind JT 100%, he's the rep for the MSD nation in the locker room...

quick recap (from JT)

-Ginn better get that gimp ankle in order or JT's gonna kick his ass

-Green better get that ball off in record time to open DOLPHIN receivers or...JT's gonna lay his ass on a plate with a side of bacon

I understand his frustration and at a bare minimum, all i'm asking is for a playoff berth, not a Wild Card, but a true playoff berth, with home field advantage and the Patriots at home being pissy and crying like the choir boys they are...oh and King Douche coming down with a case of crabs and Giselle leaving him for JT if he gets divorced (sorry JT)

Right on, Dude. JT keeps tearing King Douche new a-holes, he can spout out whatever he wants. JT is so the fuckin man!
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