Friday, June 22, 2007

Taylor Almost Quit

Rollin on with our Jason Taylor Day here at MSD ...

Worst than all the hullabaloo being made – wait. Did I just actually write the word hullabaloo? Fuck me. Let me start over.

Worst than all the shit being made over Jason Taylor’s “scrambled eggs” Trent Green comments is this little nugget from the SI Michael Silver column:
JT almost done quit on us!

According to the Silver column, Taylor was willing to quit his football career to work on his marital problems with wife Katina (she has since retracted her divorce papers).

"It's ironic that he had his greatest season after talking about quitting just before it started,'' Katina Taylor told S.I. "He told me he was willing to give up his sport for his family, to get things straightened out. My response was that quitting football wouldn't be the answer.''

JT seems to have learned his lesson. He's toned down his out-of-football activities and his nightlife.

If you recall, there was a similar scare after this season ended when JT hinted at retirement, wanting to go the route of such heralded thespians as Brian Bosworth and Howie Long to pursue an acting career.

But JT has since knocked that shit off.

"barring something drastic, I'm here to play out my career.''

Sweet Fancy Moses that was close!

It's good to know JT plans to stick around until something drastic happens. He's signed thru 2009.

Which means we need to win a Super Bowl soon before either Jason Taylor retires (in 2009) or the world ends (in 2012. And fucks up your credit in the process).


Can't imagine life with out J.T. That would suck royally.
If that website is correct, with our luck, the Phins will be 14-1 when Dec. 21 2012 rolls around and then the world will end. Dumb fucking luck.
Yea right, rojo. Just our luck.
Dude--If JT quits, we might as well fold up our lawn chairs...he and Zach are the heart of this team

-yeah, right...we're still gonna be here pulling for these bastards like a beaten wife hoping hubby will see the light and stop clocking her ass...

sorry...went off on a tangent

Gotta love JT’s willingness to give up his career to salvage his marriage. He messed up and was willing to do whatever it took to make things right. I think I love him now more than ever.
Here, here Fingirl

Is anyone else disturbed at Katina’s resemblance to Zach???
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