Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sorry Folks ... (UPDATED)

Press play.

Sorry for the lack of posts, MSD Nation. But I'm working on the new site which should be up by Monday.

The moose out front should've told ya...

Update: Sorry for the delay, Nation. Turns out my internet access has been severely limited. My home PC got fried during one of these crazy SoFla lightning storms and work access has been cut off (fuck the man!!)... Anyway, as soon as my PC is restored, I shall resume my blogging ... which should be soon. Very soon. Don't ask me when. But soon. Until then .. don't quit on me dammit! Don't you quit on me!

Thanks for yer patience.


Hurry back soon Dude. I look forward to seeing the new site design!
Thanks JD. Just don't expect too much. The move is strictly to get away from Blogger. Just don't want to get everyone's hopes up ...
Anything is better than blogger. Other than the fact blogger takes care of pretty much everything for you (backend, server, database, etc..)

You will have to be more on top of security and things now. I'm sure your already on top of that though.

Good luck with the upgrade/move and like I said earlier let me know if you need any help at all.
Alright Dude you have had enough time. Time to step it up!

J/K hope all is going well for you Dude.
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