Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fred Evans Leaves An Impression

So much for a slow off season. Dolphins defensive tackle Fred Evans was arrested Saturday morning. You probably know that by now. What you might not know are the details. And here's one little golden nugget of information: He bit a cop! But I say reserve judgement until all the facts are in. Evans probably thought the cop was going for his wallet, so it's justifiable.

Ah but there's more:

According to the Miami Herald, Evans puked in a cab, took a swing at the cabby, took a swing at a cop, bit a cop and was Tasered. Twice.

"Officers ordered Evans to get out of the cab, but he refused, and officers proceeded to place him under arrest. Evans allegedly began cursing at them as they were handcuffing him, then took a swing at one of the officers.
One officer was bitten on his left wrist and suffered several bruises; another had scrapes and bruises on her left knee, police said.

The officers then used their Tasers on Evans, but the shock did not immediately subdue the 6-foot-4 Dolphin, according to the arrest affidavit."

Many will be outraged by this story. But I say c'mon now! How many of us can truly say we've never gone out on a night on the town, gotten shit-faced, up-chucked in a taxi cab, swung a haymaker at an officer of the law, bit another officer of the law and gotten doubled up with a Taser gun all in one night?



Well I have. I call Evans' little adventure Thursdays.
Judging by Cam Cameron's statement on this latest fiasco, it's safe to say Evans probably ralphed his way out of Miami. Somewhere out there, there's a South Beach taxicab that should be receiving a dozen pine tree air fresheners, compliments of Paul Soliai.

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Jon Vioght bites Kramer! Classic!

As for Evans, yea I'd say he's done in this town. Cam is showing a zero tolerance for jackasses not named Joey Porter.
The cop should get a dental expert to compare Fred’s mouth guard with the bite marks on his arm.
SoBe is usually a trap for visiting players. But every now and then you have to expect one of our own to get caught in its web.
It's John Voight's car, not Jon's. You know, the periodontist.
I was hoping we’d become the Cincinnati Bengals of the AFC East, but for entirely different reasons.
Well played JD.
Damn he got tasered twice?? Next time, the cops should switch their tasers to ‘Bear’.
lol rojo...maybe the biting is a new defensive tactic by Dom...

Looks like Michael Richards, there, doesn't he?
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