Tuesday, June 05, 2007

An Eddie Moore Update. That's How Slow Things Have Gotten...

Tuesday Bullets:

Hard to find anything newsworthy about the Dolphins these days. And I won't bore you with any more Trent Green updates until either of these scenarios become a reality: A.) Green is a Dolphin, or B.) Green bludgeons Carl Peterson to death with a real life tomahawk.

So this is what I got today:

- "Oh fiddle sticks!" John Beck will not curse. In any language. How do you say, "Fuck Brady Quinn!" in Portuguese? Good to see he's participating in mini-camp though.

- Keven Lerner gives us an update on Eddie Moore's career. How's that for slow news? You know, let's re-visit the entire abortion known as the Rick Spielman era while we're at it. Good to see the guy we took over Anquan Boldin is still finding work these days.

- JD is having fun with captions again.

- Always fun to watch the Pistons implode:

Sheed: "I just get so sick and tired of that cheating (garbage) out there," Wallace said after the game. "All that flopping. They reward flopping. That's not defense. I hope the league does something about that before the next series." Wallace, also very animated on court after being ejected, was restrained by Antonio McDyess on the way to the tunnel. Wallace pointed and yelled, "(Screw) you! (Screw) all of you!" in the direction of the Cavaliers and officials still on the floor.

Chauncey: Billups on the Pistons still being better than the Cavaliers, in his mind:
"I believe that, I really do," Billups said. "There's nobody that team who is better than ours. And maybe I'm crazy, maybe I've got too much confidence in these guys, but I don't believe that. I believe in us. I believe we're the better team.

McDyess: “I feel like I’m at the end of my career and it just ain’t gonna happen,” said McDyess, 32, who has a contract option to return. “Tonight, I accepted that I’m never gonna win. I felt this team was the one to get us there. We had all the chances in the world and we blew it. It seems like it’s over for me now.”

And Bill Simmons says it's time to blow up the Bad Boys: "It seems like the Pistons have reached a fatal point -- they've gone as far as they can go with their current nucleus...Face it, Detroit -- your window to win another NBA title this decade, for all intent and purpose, closed for good on Saturday night. As Greg from Detroit pointed out in a "we need to blow it up" e-mail last night, "Please help us, we have officially become the Atlanta Braves of the NBA."

God how I hate the Pistons and their fans. LeBron is my new hero!
*Why the picture of Sharapova, you ask? Because it's my fucking blog that's why!

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That's classic Rashweed. What a jackass. It's awesome to see them get owned by D-Wade last year and now James this year.
It's amazing, this shit should be on the discovery channel...

grown ass men shrinking to big ass babies in minutes...

looks like the Pis-tons were Pissed-on...yeah I know that was bad...:)

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