Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Dude's Mini-Camp Report (With Photos!)

It was hot. It was packed in. It was Dolphins mini-camp. As I mentioned yesterday, I went to Dolphins' mini-camp on Saturday. My big brother was in town (you know him in the comments section as CT Dolphin Fan) so I drove us up to Davie to catch camp.

Trent Green was there, wearing his DON'T TOUCH ME! red jersey. One of the reasons Cam Cameron wanted Green down here was because Green is familiar with Cam's playbook. Green threw three interceptions during the 7 on 7 drill. Oh shit.
John Beck, also wearing the DON'T TOUCH ME! red jersey looked equally ineffective. Although his passes were crisp and quick, which was good to see. Also taking part in the action was first round draft pick Ted Ginn Jr. Curiously, he was not wearing a DON'T TOUCH ME! red jersey. Ginn looked okay. He caught a pass on a quick dump off from Beck, which seemed to please everybody. Ginn also looked spectacular fielding balls during the punting drill. That's right. Look out New England special teams! Our first round pick knows how to catch punts!!! And he knows how to wave his arm over his head to make that fair catch signal thing. You're in deep shit, my friends.

We also got to see Joey Porter. But he didn't do much. By that I mean, he didn't kick anyone's ass or bark like a dog at anyone. Genuinely disapointing. Jason Taylor was there. What a stud. He's a dude I'd go gay for, no doubt about it. Zach Thomas was also there. He was pretty much half-assing his way through the drills. No pads, no helmet, just lightly walking through the drills while the other guys were sprinting and going all out. Lazy ass verterans.

No Face made a spectacular one-handed catch during one point. Trent Green seems to like No Face as he went to him often.

At one point, Daunte Culpepper stood outside the training room doors wearing one of those skin-tight Underarmor things. He stood with his hands on his hips as he watched practice for about 5 minutes. He looked like a superhero. A disgruntled superhero with a blowed up knee. He also looked like a kid who had been grounded and was not allowed to play with the other children.

At the end of the day, my brother was able to make his way down and get himself a couple of autographs. Cleo Lemon signed his cap. Lemon wore his DON'T TOUCH ME! red jersey. He also got LB Jim Maxwell's autograph. In fact, my brother was the only one who got Jim Maxwell's autograph. My brother also -- eventually -- got Trent Green's autograph. With a huge crowd vying for Green's autograph, my brother stuck his cap out and Green signed just about every cap, football, jersey and photo thrust into his face. Except my brother's. Green moved on. So did my brother. Green and my brother did this dance three times until, finally, Green took his cap. This then was the conversation that went down between Trent Green and my brother:

Green (with an incredulous sound to his voice): Didn't I sign for you already?
Dude's Bro (with an ass-holish sound to his voice): Do you see your name on the cap?
Green (smirks): Nope. (signs hat).
Dude's Bro: Welcome to Miami.
Onlooker: Better get his autograph now while you can. He's only going to last three games anyway.

Good times.

And now ... pics! Enjoy:

Trent Green meticulously surveys and studies the defense before throwing his first of three INTs.
Green doning his DON'T TOUCH ME! red jersey gets one of those cheesey Fast Times At Ridgemont High Judge Reinhold backward high fives from a coach. Green is very happy to be here.

Trent Green takes a snap. His passes looked good when they weren't being thrown to defenders. He also seemed to favor No Face which means more three and outs on the horizon! Yay!

John Beck looked sharp during this drill. He's the future. By the time he takes over for a retired Trent Green, he will be 30 years old. The future is bright.

John Beck takes a break. He's. Looking. Right. At. Me.

Zach Thomas takes a Gatorade break after a long day of walking around.

Coach Cam Cameron addresses the team at the end of the day. He gave his fiery and inspirational speech about family and family values and how family is so very important. Family.

The Dude's brother gets Jim Maxwell's autograph. See how he had to fight off the rabid crowd to get to him? The Dude's brother is relentless and persistent.

The Dude's brother finally gets Trent Green's autograph after 3 or 4 tries. The Dude's brother now officially believes that Trent Green is an asshole.

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Entertaining stuff as usual Dude. Any chance you know when the next mini camp is available for the public? I would love to get out there one Saturday or Sunday.
Good to see Trent Green is keeping in the tradition of quarterback suckiness down here. LOL!!!

That one guy that said he'll only last 3 games -- priceless. Good stuff Dude.
It’s pretty cool your brother was able to meet Trent Green and the immortal Jim Maxwell. I love how in the first pic Zach, Porter and Crowder are all on the sideline. Did Green throw those INT’s against the second teamers? Or is Jim Maxwell the prolific hidden gem we all knew he would be?
What? No pictures of Lady Phin?
Ha ha! Jim Maxwell!!!
Dave...I don't want to shut down the Dudes site...the pics might be too hot to post!!..lmao,soooooo kidding...

Dude - Funny shit...I loved the picture when Beck was looking Right.AT.You...lmao at the onlooker comment too...

Ah, it's refreshing to find amusement in misery, I reallyyyyy hope the FO is not furthering the committment of mediocrity here...

Who knows, maybe No Face will turn out to be the hidden gem,hahahahaha...i couldn't even finish that...

Is the field elevated from where the fans get autographs? Because Jim Maxwell looks like he’s 7 feet tall! Unless the Dude’s brother is a midget?
JD: I heard the Dolphins won't have camp again until late July.
I sense Jim Maxwell becoming the official “mascot” of the MSD.
I guess being an asshole is better than being a whole ass! :)
Classic Stuff as always Brother-man!! Good Times!! Had a Blast in South Fla. Felt Good To be Back in The old Home Town Again.
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