Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Don't Like The Sarcasm? There's Always Salguero's Blog

Our friends over at Phinsider got a reader e-mail from a, uh, reader. It says we all need to relax on how we rip this team for all their "questionable" moves and, oh well, you can read the whole thing here. I received a similar e-mail recently (maybe from the same guy? I dunno) concerning my recent posts on the Fins. I'll spare you the rhetoric but, believe me, it was a lot like Phinsider's letter. It's not the first time I've been accused of being a negative-monger round these parts. HOWEVA!!! ... allow me to retort if I may:

First off, to paraphrase our beatiful MSD Nation Queen, Lady Phin, from yesterdays comments: We Dolphins fans (and bloggers) must find amusement in misery. This is why I lay the sarcasm thick. Because we're miserable and we love our miserable team. What else can we do but mock and make jokes and call the assholes in the FO out from time to time. It's the only way to stay sane! In case you haven't noticed, our Dolphins have pretty much sucked balls for the last decade. I was all about hiring Cam and Mueller right here on this blog. And I am glad we have them both. But as a life-long Dolphins fan I am now at a SHOW ME stage. I'm no longer about "having faith" in a coach or a front office. You want my praise? You want my faith? EARN IT! Otherwise, bend over, grab yer ankles and take it like a man on his first night in the slammer because the sarcasm is pretty damn thick round here. Like mohhhhlasssisss!!!

Secondly, let me just add this: MSD, along with The Phish Tank, were the very first Miami Dolphins blogs to endorse the drafting of Ted Ginn Jr. AND we were the first to say that John Beck could end up being a better QB than Brady Quinn. Look it up, folks. It's the troof. So before the Ginn-Beck bandwagon gets too full, tip your driver.

Finally, this is a blog. It's for entertainment purposes. I love my Dolphins and as a Dolphin fan, I demand a winner. I like to trash this team from time to time. Because fuck them that's why. They've made my life miserable for 25+ years. And yet I always come back to my team, like a bitch.

So, you don't like the sarcasm? Don't like the negativity? Then move on ... read another blog ... hey, Armando Salguero has a nice blog. His readership consists of really smart people like you.

AND the Herald doesn't allow him to use the word douchebag. So there's that.

Ok. Done. I have now fallen off my soap box and have twisted my ankle.

Thank you, and good luck.

UPDATE: The guy who wrote to Phinsider is not the same guy who wrote me. His name is Dave. The guy who wrote to me is ... not named Dave.


Dude fuck your blog your such a Negative Nancy. Everything in the Dolphins organization is supposed to smell like mountain fresh douche!!!

Keep doing your thing Dude. If they want to be stroked let them go read ESPN.
Is Angry Dude like Angry Stugotz?

Nicely put though. Peeps don't like the real deal then peeps need to move on.

And I'm with JD. There's always ESPN and that shit psudo-blog Skid Marks ... er ... Hask Marks.
Jim Maxwell fully supports and endorses this blog!
Thanks JD.

Jason: No. Nothing like Angry Stugotz. For one thing, I'm not afraid of frogs. For another, I'm like, you know, intelligent.

Rojo: I think you're right!
Somebody drank some piss and vinegar for breakfast this morning!

Oh wait. That was me.

Good stuff DUDE.
To quote Matt Dillon's character in 'Singles':

"That's ok, man. All this negative energy just makes me stronger".
Is blogger fucking up because I coulda swore it listed 6 comments, JD's comments are worth 6 ticks in the comment tally section : )

Dude- Looveddddd the shout out...I can't get mad because I can't get any madder at our shithole of 5 seasons. Laughing is better and it gives you sic abs!

To all the whining pussies - take your balls out of your wife/girlfriends purse and take/make these comments like a man...sarcasm is the nectar of the Gods!

Dude- I got a shot of Patron for you...anger management classes are for douche's

Love you guys!!

Ok...I didn't scroll down enough...I see you guys...Hi roro!
Dude, Lady Phin LMAO!!!!!!
Laughing gives you sick abs. I knew that was you in the picture (woof, woof) :-) If it wasn't for this blog, I probably would've gone postal on the FO by now. I thank ALL you guys and gals for giving me a place to release my frustration on this teams shortcomings.
You guys kick ass! Just one collective group of awesome ass kickers!

Due the MSD nation is kid of like being a battered wife for the past 10 years. The FO covers us in shit and then we believe their lies and come back every year to be beat on some more.

This blog is like a place we meet and btch one day how we are being treated and then come back and brag.

Armando's blog is a place for geldings to name call...mostly at armando

Will be pretty cool when we can actually see how the Camachine rolls down NFL Boulevard.

You know did he pimp our team or trash it
Thanks Hank. I hope MSD can be a sort of like the neighborhood bar. Except you have to bring your own beer. And there are no barmaids to hit on. And there's no TV with a game on. And no buffalo wings.

Ah hell... never mind.

But yea, thanks for the props. And I take it from your handle that you're a season ticket holder. So it means even more coming from you.





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