Monday, June 11, 2007

Do The Right Thing: Cut Culpepper

I was able to attend mini-camp Saturday and will have pics and a full report when I can get to it (work is hectic today).

Meanwhile, the Culpepper situation keeps getting nastier. First the Fins say they intend to trade him. He then says he won't restructure his contract to sabotage any potential trades. The there was a report that Culpepper had a secret agreement with another team to sign with them when he gets released, which would constitute tampering. He was then escorted off the practice field Friday and was told, in effect, he can't participate.

Now it's gotten personal.
Keeping C-Pep off the practice field is all good and fine. Having Culpepper stay away from practice is a good way, among other things, to keep him from getting injured. It's a business decision, of course, and a smart one. I agree that the Dolphins need to do what they can to get something for Daunte. It's the business of football.

Howeva! the way the Dolphins are handling this is pretty shitty. The Dolphins are holding a guy hostage that no one is going to give up draft picks for. He's coming off a major knee injury, he's coming off a terrible season and he's now been pushed aside in favor of former Chiefs QB Trent Green.

In other words, the Dolphins have pretty much no leverage here. Everyone knows they're not keeping C-Pep. Everyone knows he has to be released before the season starts to avoid paying his $5.5 million contract.

A lot of Dolphins fans, forums and sites are saying the Fins are being smart and are handling this like a business. But escorting a guy with security guards 20 minutes after he took the field, in front of teammates, fans and media, was a pretty shitty thing to do.

We ripped KC President Carl Peterson for being an ass with Green when he clearly intended to cut him. We blasted him for demanding too much even though we knew he had no choice but to get rid of him. We called him a douche because he held Green hostage, even though the QB knew he had no real shot at the starting job and wanted out.

The Dolphins are now doing the same exact thing with Culpepper. On top of the fact that they embarrassed him Friday.

There's business. Then there's bad business. There's doing what's best for the organization. And then there's showing no class.

Do the right thing, Dolphins. Cut Culpepper and let him find a job elsewhere. Save for maybe Rick Spielman, no one is going to give up a draft pick for Culpepper. And this is going to get ugly pretty damn quick, especially since C-Pep has now enlisted the help of the NFLPA.

Do the right thing, Dolphins. Release Culpepper and let's move on.

Update: The Herald's David J. Neil agrees. The Dude abides.

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I couldn't agree with you more. I was one of those who thought C-Pep coming here was a good thing, but I completely understand Cam's decision of not thinking he's the right QB for his system. Being that they NEVER, EVER planned to keep C-Pep something should've been done sooner. I'd like to know what team is out there right now waiting for a QB, even a possible backup QB to become available for a trade? One thing that Mueller has proven to me is that he is unable to multi-task. How rational was it to hold on to C-Pep while waiting for Green? This explains why all the talk about Green stopped right before the draft. And we thought Peterson was being a douche. Maybe it's that Mueller told him he'd get back to him after the draft because he can only concentrate on one thing at a time.
I agree that we need to do whats best for the team. But walking a man out with security in full view of fans, teammates and media -- 20 minutes after practice had already started -- was pretty classless. It sends a bad message to the other veterans.
I think that this situation is a little "mis-handled" by the dolphins. I am a dolphan through and through, but I don't think that the way Daunte is being put out is fair. From what I've seen of the man, he puts his heart and soul into whatever he does. I will be sad for Daunte for a minute or two, but he is a grown man and I know he will be able get through this. My guess is Daute will pu his heart and soul into wherever he goes. Like Daunte I'm native to Florida and I always root for the Florida boys. I am a Dolphan and at the same time I am a Daunte fan. I hope to see him on the field somewhere giving his all
I wasn't at the practice on Friday but from the post column it sounds as if they (mngmnt) told him he wasn't to practice with the team but he went out there anyway. I really don't know the details only how it seems but the other side might be that CPep defied management and went out to practice anyhow to show that he is physically ready to play to any other team that is watching him for readiness. If hes has been "tampering" then he is violation of the collective bargaining agreement and the team doesn't have to let him practice.

This is not going to end well no matter how it ends unless Cam and CPep both have good spin doctors on payroll. I will say that Cam's comment about taking care of the team, the player , and his family doesn't seem to matter when it's Daunte and his family.
I was very excited to see CPep become a Phin...I feel like a child in the middle of a nasty divorce...

I respect C-Pep and what he "tried" to do for our team, I hate that he had to come back so early but I understand the eagerness to play for a team you've wanted to play for, in your home state, in front of Florida family...

I also understand the need to want to win and not for the playoffs to seem like the fine ass b**ch in the club that you want to bang but everytime you get close, Rico Sauve moves in and steals her from you...every Friday, because you don't have your game running right (thought my MSD men would appreciate this analogy)

So in the end, I wish that the best thing could happen for all parties but "Mom" and "Dad" are wayyyy past talking, I just hope they don't start throwing shit!!

While I feel the Phins are doing Daunte dirty, it's in their best interest to get the most for him they can. Staying classy during the whole process obviously wasn't an option.

I look forward to seeing your pics Dude!





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