Thursday, June 07, 2007

Culpepper Wants Out!

Thursday Afternoon Bullets:

- Daunte Culpepper has sent out yet another e-mail. This time, he's demanding the Dolphins release him.

"I feel it is necessary to obtain a release rather than seek a trade so that I would not bring the excess baggage of my present contract to a new team,'' he said. "I feel like my next team should have the opportunity to get to know me as a man and a player before they make any long-term commitment.''

He also threw Nick Saban under the bus, so to speak:

"I must say the impatience the organization displayed in both encouraging me to rush back on the field last year and then rushing me out the door this year is disappointing. However, I understand that they have the right to make that business decision. It is now my turn to make some decisions.''

Culpepper cannot be in the worst possible position. He's coming off a terrible season after his knee blew up and now he's no longer of any value to the current organization that employs him. This is what happens when you act as your own agent. Ah well. Perhaps Culpepper can talk to Ricky Williams and get Master P's phone number.

- Dolphins fans weren't the only ones shocked when the team selected Ted Ginn Jr. with the 9th overall pick of the draft. Apparently, several Dolphins players were also pontificating the possibilities that perhaps Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller were smoking the crack when they took Ginn over Brady Quinn.

- DT Vollie Holiday says his comments were taken out of context. Jason Taylor, however, ain't playing no games with Ginn:

"[Ginn] needs to be here and learn what he's doing,'' Taylor said. "He's not going to practice, so I don't know how much he'll get done being here. He'll learn a lot on the blackboard but it's a lot different when you put the pads on and you're on the field. … I guess he'll be here this weekend and watching us work, but we need to get him out there and work.''

Gotta love JT's no-nonsense approach. Can we please get this man a shot at a Super Bowl? Just a shot! Just a shot! Just a shot! Ok. I'm done channeling Chris Rock.

- The MLB held their draft today. The Marlins selected 3B Matt Dominquez with the 12th overall pick. SporTech has the breakdown.

- Looks like the Phinsider has hopped aboard the we-hate-Mark-Cuban band wagon. Phinsider calls out the Billion Dollar Penis on his spectacularly dumb idea for a new pro football league. Well done, Phinsider. And welcome to the club! I know he won't say it because his site is a bit more family-friendly than this one. So allow me to say it: Fuck Mark Cuban!!!

Boo ya.

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I feel you Daunte, good luck wherever you for the other bizness, we ain't gonna know jack until August (really September) as to whether these guys are slick genuiuses or the continution of shitfactoryism that we've dealt with for far too long...

I for one am hoping for option A...

Yea it's all about waiting and seeing if Cam and Muel's plans will work out in the long run. It's tough to be patient but what choice do we have? Ginn has a lot to prove, not just to us fans but to his teammates as well. He's a terriffic talent but has a lot of work to do to justify that high pick.
'Can't we get the man a peep! Just a fuckin' PEEP!!!' hahaha...

Yea, I loved JT's approach about this whole thing. That dude is fuckin' no nonsense. You know, years ago under Wannstache they used to say there were no leaders in the clubhouse. It was the reason why we couldn't get over the December hump. Bullshit.

It's good to know there's a standup motherfucker named Jason Taylor runnin' thangs in there. Ginn better heal up that foot QUICKLY. We don't need another Yatil fuckin' Green. (sorry to even mention that name)

Man, lady phin is getting cooler by the comment. 'shitfactoryism'? So. Fuckin'. Cute.

(This concludes my daily lady phin lovefest. Or Zetafest. Whatever.)
I heart you Roro!!It's hard to top "empapapanties" but I try! Yeah, JT is not gonna stand for any bullshit...Ginn better heal up quickly but not too quickly, we don't want to rush him into playing only to hinder his ability to sit back wait for receivers and - oh wrong guy!!

but Ginn still better make it hasty or JT's gonna kick his ass! :)

lol...can't wait for September...

Daunte, I hope I didn't misspeak. When I suggested that you should get and agent, I meant that you should get an AGENT!!! You have only yourself to blame for allowing this organization to treat you this way. Now that I'm off my soapbox, JT is AWESOME!!!! How long does it take for a sprained foot to heal anyway? Did he tear any tendons? Is he still wearing a boot? Ginn better show the team something in September. JT won't let him live it down if he doesn't show up.
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