Thursday, June 14, 2007

Can't Read Defenses, Can't Read Road Signs?

Daunte Culpepper was in a car crash last night. He reportedly injured his hand.

"The collision occurred about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday on the Sawgrass Expressway at Mile Marker 18, said FHP Lt. Mike Brown. Culpepper was westbound in a Chevrolet Caprice when he collided with an unidentified driver in a Chevy Avalanche. Both vehicles rolled off the roadway. When paramedics arrived, Culpepper complained of a hand injury, Brown said."

Details are fuzzy. The report says that one of the drivers was taken to an area hospital but doesn't say if it was Culpepper.

It kinda sucks to be C-Pep these days. Let's re-cap: Blows up his knee; gets caught on a boat full of strippers; gets rushed back into playing too soon; craps out as QB; gets pushed aside by the new regime; is asked to leave the practice field in front of fans, teammates and media; injures hand in a fender bender.

But there's good news! The Jaguars reportedly want to add to their arsenal of injury-prone quarterbacks!
Now would be an excellent time to have a real agent, yes?


Like you said, CPep needs an agent and should call Ricky and get Master P's number.
The Curse of Nick Saban!

Or perhaps he injured himself from writing all them e-mails to the media.

Poor schmuck.
Ouch. Tough break for Daunte as he continues to dominate headlines for the Dolphins offseason.
Was it a ’71 Chevrolet Caprice? Pimp Mobile!
We love strippers, blow jobs, fumbling footballs and Chevrolet! Blowed up knees, interceptions, being our own agent and Chevrolet!
Don't forget Goat Cheese Pizza marv.
I bet he was gripping something, but it might not have been the steering wheel! :-)
C-Pep should change his name to Bad Luck Benny because wow!!!...or could this be a ploy (and a pretty elaborate one at that)

talking to my friends, they found it quite odd that he hurt his hand above everything else...hmmm

good luck Jags...






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