Sunday, June 17, 2007

C-Pep Greivance Set, C-Pep Hires Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer

- Trent Green will make less green with the Dolphins. His basic contract with Miami is worth $13.5 million. But he can add $2.5 million to it if he plays well and leads the Dolphins deep into the playoffs. Ah well ... 13.5 million will do just fine.

- Daunte Culpepper's greivance hearing is set for June 29. The NFLPA will say that the Fins breached C-Pep's contract when they kicked him out of practice. And a bunch of lawyers will drone on for 21 hours until a ruling is handed down. Then a bunch of other crap that we could give two shits about will happen. In the end, Trent Green will still be our quarterback.

- OL Joe Toledo went under the knife Wednesday to repair a broken bone in his foot. How did he injure himself you ask? Was it making a block against an uncoming linebacker? Heavens no. Was it a cheap shot from an opposing defensive lineman? Nope. Was it an unlucky roll of the foot moving backwards on a play? Wrong again. What was it then? Toledo broke his foot getting out of a hot tub.

Only the Miami Dolphins.

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Lol...yeah Dude, only the Dolphins, I just hope all these injured Phins' are healed by August...

C-Pep might need to enlist the help of Lowell "the Hammer" Stanley...he'd probably like to rest his legs after all that ambulance chasing...

I can't wait for the Caveman sitcom, i'm in stiches after watching the Geico commercials
You know, if Bill Brasky was C-Pep's lawyer/broker/confidant, he could probably do just about anything!
lol...yeah i know right roro
Announcer: Representing Daunte Culpepper. So easy a caveman can do it.
Caveman: WHAT?!! Not cool!!
Announcer: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there.
Therapist: What is the problem?
Caveman: The problem? Representing Daunte Culpepper? So easy a caveman can do it? How would you like it if I said, Representing Daunte Culpepper, so easy a therapist can do it.
Therapist: Well, that wouldn't make such sense to me.
Caveman: Why?
Therapist: Because therapists are...
Cavemen: Are what. Smart?
Caveman: What. At least I didn't break my foot getting out of a hot tub. I have a nice big one in Yellowstone.
I'm a bad, gimpy quarterback. Your offensive playbook frightens and confuses me!





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