Tuesday, June 19, 2007


BREAKING NEWS: The Dolphins are reportedly looking for a holder for kicker Jay Feeley.

Oh and Dan Wilkinson's contract has been axed.
Welcome to the dog days of Dolphins off-season. Stay tuned for more puff pieces on John Beck's baby, Trent Green's fishing tips and, of course, photos with Jim Maxwell!!!
And now ... I give you Jessica:

You're welcome.

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I'm all for these off season non-story stories!!! In fact, you should just make every post with a Jessica pic.
I am sooooo grateful for that. God, I love that chick.

I wonder if Lady Phin looks like that cuz in my daydreams when I have my hands cupped under my chin and I stare into the sky, that's exactly what she looks like but way, way, way prettier.

How about a little classic Adriana Lima tomorrow? Vida Guerra? Jessica Biel? Ok, ok...there's already ONE With Leather out there with female hottie overkill (if there even IS such a thing).
Lol...for the "breaking news"...

Jess is a hottie and i'm woman enough to put it out there...

@roro, I got more of a Halle Berry thing going on than a J. Alba, of course Halle Berry is HAWT and I would never compare myself to her but giving you a vizz so you can keep daydreaming about me! :)

Once again, I absolutely love MSD nation!

@Lady Phin,

Halle Berry is just about the most beautiful, all-around chick in Hollywood so that's not too shabby.

We need pics of lady phin frolicking in the water like that.
@Roro...Yeah, let me hurry and create a myspace page for your viewing pleasure...lol

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