Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Where The Hell You Been???

Sorry -- again -- for the lack of posts, MSD Nation. Work has been, well, hell. Believe me, if the Heat were still in the playoffs, I'd be blogging. I'd be getting an hour and a half sleep every night. But I'd be blogging.

Also -- and more importantly -- I am currently working on moving MSD. I've had it with blogger. So, I'm moving the site to another blog-machine. So as soon as it's up, I'll let you know. I decided to stop being a cheap-ass bastard and pay for a good service that'll make this site more enjoyable for me to write on and, hopefully, more enjoyable for you to read. So don't quit on me. I'm still here!

I appreciate everyone's patience. I appreciate the e-mails checking to see if I'm still alive. That was nice of you. Morbid. But nice.

Until then ... while I work on my new site, ease back into normalcy and wait for something really interesting to happen in the SoFla sports scene, I'll be posting some of my favorite shit from You Tube to pass the time.

Oh, and you can always visit me at The Phish Tank.

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