Monday, May 14, 2007

The Return

Hey MSD Nation. I'm back! I know I said I'd return on Monday but decided to stay away for a bit longer. My trip was a refreshing one but, as it is with all trips, I got back all lagged with a fried brain and a week-long hangover. Why do vacations do that to a person?

Anyway ... good to be back. There's not much going on in Miami sports right now. The Heat are licking their wounds, the Dolphins are in between camps, and the Canes are in purgatory as well. We do have the Marlins but I've learned that talking about the Marlins here is the equivalent to turning on the lights in my kitchen in the middle of the night and watching dozens of roaches scurry off in fright. Okay, I think I just compared my readers to roaches. See. I'm not quite ready to blog with coherent thoughts just yet. Sorry bout that. Anyway, Marlins talk here is an excercise in futility. (But I'll still do it when the moment calls for it.)
As for the Fins -- you can read my take on the latest Ricky Williams drama over at The Phish Tank.
So, with all that said, blogging might be a little sporatic in the coming weeks. That is until something important happens.

Until then, check back when you can. Good to be back...

Welcome back Dude. Hope all is well. The Marlins are still number one in my book.
Welcome back dude!
Glad your'e back. MSD rules!!!
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