Wednesday, May 30, 2007

NBA Nation This Saturday

The good folks at NBA Nation have asked me to pass this along to you guys:

NBA Nation is coming to Miami this Saturday at the Goombay Festival. NBA Nation features a wealth of interactive NBA themed activities.

Along with an expandable 18-wheeler that turns into an interactive arena where you can watch the NBA’s 50 Greatest Plays on a 50’’ flat screen monitor, play the latest NBA video games, or “Measure Up” your height, arm span, hand & shoe size to your favorite NBA Players.
Also, the NBA Nation event will host an NBA Skills Challenge Competition who’s winners will travel to Philadelphia in July to represent Miami.

Saturday's Highlights also include:

12 – 1 PM: Meet Burnie, the Heat mascot

4 - 5PM: The Heat Dancers!

4 - 5PM: Glen Rice! That’s right, G-Money will be there!

Sounds like a lot of fun and a great event for families as well.

NBA Nation at the Goombay Festival this Saturday, June 2nd 10AM – 8 PM

SW 32nd & Grand Avenues

For more info, check out NBA


Gotta find a way to get out there. G-Money!
I met Glen at Boater's Grill inside that park (AKA 'El Farito') at the end of Key Biscayne a few years back. Nice dude. Huge fucking hands.

Emphasize 'fucking' however you want in that sentence.

By the way, I recommend Boater's Grill if you're out with a special lady friend. Place is guaranteed 'empapapanties'.
We must add 'empapapanties' to the MSD lexicon. If there is one.
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Let me add that when I first heard the hybrid word 'empapapanties', I not only nearly lost the shit out of my ass as I doubled over in laughter, I re-realized the quiet genius of Miami.
Can someone please translate this empapanties thing to a full fledged gringo? (the last one living in Miami probably)

'Empapapanties' = wet panties, n. often used in phrases such as:

'Bro, if you pull up into the St. Brendan's parking lot w/ a jeep like that. That's some SERIOUS empapapanties, bro.'
I'm sure ladyphin has from time to time experienced this delicious phenomenon. Perhaps she could elaborate????
Thanks! A co-worker explained to me that empapado (spelling?) means "soaking wet" so I figured that's what it meant. elaborate would be to spill all my naughty secrets!!! A lady never tells, roro... :)

but i'll tell you this, this is some good stuff i'm walking around with and sitting on...LMAO!!

I'm sure this thread is not what the NBA Nation people had in mind when they asked The Dude to post about their event. LOL!

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