Thursday, May 31, 2007

Disrespected?: Joey Porter Could Face Lawsuit, Suspension

Joey Porter was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine for misdemeanor battery for attacking Bengals' offensive tackle Levi Jones in a Vegas Casino last March. If that weren't enough, Adam "My Scoops Are Always Right" Schefter is reporting that Jones may throw a civil suit on Porter's ass. Jones is citing "emotional distress" over the incident, which in court-talk means: lawsuit.
Porter could also be facing a suspension from the NFL. In case you've been unaware of it, or have been oblivious to all things NFL lately, there's a new sheriff in town. His name is Roger Goodell. He's a hardboiled, no nonsense son of a bitch. And he likes to slap suspensions like he was giving away candy. He'll slap players when they get in trouble. And they'll take it and like it.
Goodell could rule Porter's crime worthy of suspension under the league's new personal conduct policy. Some believe Porter could escape the suspension, but with Goodell running things, you just never know.

If Porter is suspended, he can always hang out with Vick and his fighting dogs. Place your money on Porter's dogs.


Quick...someone grab Goodell's balls out of his wife's purse...

He's like the hall monitor from hell!!

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