Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Culpepper Warns Green ... And Third Year Players

- Trent Green believes he would be given a ''much more fair chance'' to win the starting job in Miami than in Kansas City. Daunte Culpepper says not so fast Trent Green!
``For a guy, for anybody who thinks that whatever their situation is where
they're at and they're coming here, and it's going to be peaches and cream,
that's not the case.''
If you can get past the first part of that sentence, Culpepper is basically saying Green is not just going to be given the job -- not as long as Culpepper has anything to say about it. It's good to see C-Pep being this competetive about the starting job and he has really handled himself like a pro since Cam Cameron came into town. So I think it's only fair to let C-Pep and Green duke it out for the job. Ultimately, however, once Green is a Dolphin he will be the starting QB come September. Whoever wins the job will only hold it for a year anyway. Or at least until John Beck is ready to take over.

However you slice it, the Dolphins QB problem is going to continue to be a mess. Come Septemeber, we'll either have a head of lettuce, a lemon or a Lemon at QB. Yippee.

- Saban's first draft class to shine in 2007? According to some, including Zach Thomas, the third season is when a player begins to make the jump.
CB Travis Daniels:
Was plauged by an ankle injury last season but now says he's "300 percent better." Really bad math cliche' aside, Daniels is yet to justify Saban's belief that he would be a part of a younger, much improved secondary. Even when healthy he's not shown he can be a number 1 or 2 CB. Still, with Andre Goodman nursing a shoulder injury, we're going to need Travis and his ankle to give us 300 percent effort with 1,000 percent results!

DL Matt Roth: He's shown shades of talent here and there. And the Dolphins are really counting on him this year after letting veteran Kevin Carter go. Roth took up martial arts in the off-season to improve his conditioning and stamina. So, if all else fails, he can always sweep Tom Brady and put him in a Morote Seoinage.

LB Channing Crowder: For some reason, lots of folks don't like Channing. But I do. And I think he's going to have a solid season playing with Zach and The Horse Killer this year.

RB Ronnie Brown: And then there's Ronnie. No he's not LaDanian Tomlinson. But he's going to be used like LT in Cam's offense. So that has to be good. Cam told Ronnie to lose some weight and told him he plans to use him a lot in passing plays. Ronnie also says he's highly motivated after hearing that Phil Simms said Brown lacks the "wow" factor. If Ronnie has to draw motivation from Phil Simms, we might be in trouble. But I have faith in Ronnie. He's got the stuff. He just needs the O-line to make holes for him and he needs to stay healthy.

In other words, look to pick up Lorenzo Booker in your fantasy leagues this year.


Trade Culpepper for Kobe!
Damn, C-Pep should run for office, he's really jockeying to keep that job!

Let me tell you something: Ted Ginn, gonna be a Miami Dolphin for a long time.
Former QB Jim Miller, on the Sirius Afternoon Blitz, says that when he was playing every year that he was a starter that the team he played for drafted or traded for his replacement and there is no better motivation than saying "hell no he isn't gonna start if I have anything to do with it". Maybe this will make C-Pep the QB he was in his probowl year, not that long ago. I stated on Armandos blog all last season that when you suck as a team every player should have to earn his spot with play not the name on his jersey. No one should assume they will start not even "a broccoli, a lemon, or a Lemon"
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