Monday, April 09, 2007

Wade Comes Back ... Posey Gets Trashed (And Arrested)

Monday Morning Bullets:

- Dwyane Wade returned to the Heat last night. He finished the night with a pretty good 12 points, 8 assists (but 6 turnovers). Howeva ... Miami lost to the Mighty Bobcats in overtime 111-103. And in keeping with our long standing tradition of allowing no-name players on crappy teams to have career nights, the immortal Walter Herrmann -- a guy who looks like he stinks of patchouli and feet and should be selling hash on the beach instead of playing in the NBA -- dropped 15 points on our asses, including 3 key 3-pointers that put the proverbial nail in the proverbial coffin.

- After the game, James Posey told reporters: "A loss is ... a loss. They all hurt." Later that evening (or morning, depending on your perspective), Posey told Miami cops: "A driver's license is ... a driver's license. I need to take a piss." That's right. Posey and his knee-highs was arrested last night for DUI. Remember when Robert Hite was arrested for the same thing earlier this season? The team eventually released him. No doubt, Posey will only get a slap on the wrist. I smell a Dan Le Batard column/show topic!!!!

- The Dolphins will visit with JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn this week. Right now it appears that the Fins' chances of landing either could be in the hands of Oakland and Cleveland, respectively. Oakland, who holds the number 1 overall pick, could select WR Calvin Johnson, allowing Russel to drop. The Browns, who many think will grab Quinn, could opt to go with another player, allowing Quinn to drop. I still think the Fins are going to try to do something to move up.

- The Sun-Sentinel's Alex Marvez suggests the Dolphins could trade Daunte Culpepper away. I don't think it's plausible. Personally, I'd like to see it happen. Culpepper's career here has been a disaster. Nick Saban and the medical staff rushed him back too early and now he's not only still not ready for action but it appears more and more that the current leadership has very little --if any -- confidence in Culpepper. A clean break might be what's best for everybody.

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Here's an idea. How about Culpepper for Jerry Porter?

He doesn't want to be in Oakland. We could use a WR. I don't know what the salary cap hits would be, but it seems equally beneficial to both teams.

As for Carr, it's pretty telling to me that he couldn't even find a starting job to compete for. We bring in Trent, draft a QB, and Trent helps teach the new guy the offense.
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