Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Today We Get To Find Out Who'll Kick Our Ass In 2007!

The NFL Network will unveil the entire 2007 NFL schedule on a special to be aired at 1PM Eastern this afternoon.

"Total Access will announce the 2007 regular-season playing schedule on a week-by-week basis, highlighting all the compelling match-ups."

So we’ll all get to see how exactly the Dolphins will end the ’07 season 4-12.

It’s always important to plan ahead.

Update 2: Well ... here it is. Your Miami Dolphins 2007 Schedule. With times:

Sept. 9 -- at Washington 1:00

Sept. 16 -- vs. DALLAS 4:05

Sept. 23 -- at N.Y. Jets 1:00

Sept. 30 -- vs. OAKLAND 1:00

Oct. 7 -- at Houston 1:00

Oct. 14 -- at Cleveland 1:00

Oct. 21 -- vs. NEW ENGLAND 1:00

Oct. 28 -- vs. N.Y. GIANTS (Wembley Stadium, London) 1:00

Nov. 4 -- BYE

Nov. 11 -- vs. BUFFALO 1:00

Nov. 18 -- at Philadelphia 1:00

Nov. 26 -- at Pittsburgh (Monday Night Football!) 8:30

Dec. 2 -- vs. N.Y. JETS 1:00

Dec. 9 -- at Buffalo 1:00

Dec. 16 -- vs. BALTIMORE 1:00

Dec. 23 -- at New England 1:00

Dec. 30 -- vs. CINCINATTI 1:00


Like you said, 4-12 is always a safe bet with the Phins.
Shit that's a tough schedule. I'd say you're laying the sarcasm down a bit thick with the 4-12 record. But damn. You just might be right on the money!
That schedule is pretty brutal after the bye week.
I think we should win the Oct. 14 and Nov. 4 games. Other than that, I'm not too sure. It should be a bit more clear by the first pre-season game. I'll give my forecast then.
I Foursee another 0-3 start to the season, then after that we'll get all jacked up for the patriot game, kick their ass like always, than after that, not win a God Dam Game Afterwards!!! gotta love my phins!! They Suck You In, Chew You Up, And Spit You Out, All Over Dan Marino Blvd.
The early schedule isn't too bad. Dallas will be a tough one, but Washington, Oakland, Cleveland, and Houston...Maybe those are the 4 wins you are talking about. The schedule in whole isn't difficult, but the last stretch is. The problem is each game will be difficult if we don't put together a cohesive offensive line. Too early to predict records, lets hope we find some gems in the draft!
That picture is classic Dolphins.

Yea, tough sched. Our road games are f%$#ing brutal. And the always tough AFC East will be an up and down affair as usual. Like Gersom, I look forward to that Nov. 4 game! Ugh. It is too hopeful to say we'll win 7-9 games?
I think we'll go 8-8 with with all our fucking marbles in place (O-line, QB, secondary)...the Jtes might give us a little run but we can take those first 8 games...

or i could wake up with a really bad headache from an over-active imagination! :)

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