Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No Bullets! News Is Slow!

Very busy today. Very busy. Work sucks and I am very busy. Very. Very. Busy.

Two Things To Report:

1.) Marlins won their Opening Day game. JD has some great photos from the game. Hanley Ramirez is a monster. Know who else is a monster? Miguel Cabrera. Best. NL. 3rd Baseman. Period. David Wright can rake as well. But he plays for New York where the media is insufferable and the fans actually care. Which means he gets all the national exposure, the magazine covers and the witty SportsCenter commercials. But if I had to pick a 3rd baseman to build my franchise around, I'd take Miggy over Wright in a heart beat.

2.) The NFL released the Dolphins pre-season schedule. Weeee!!!

Saturday, August 11, 7:30 pm: Jaguars @ Dolphins
Thursday, August 16, 8:00 pm (ESPN): Dolphins @ Chiefs
Saturday, August 25, 7:30 pm: Bucs @ Dolphins
Thursday, August 30, 8:00 pm: Dolphins @ Saints

Apparently ESPN believes the Fins are going to get Trent Green somehow, someway. It's the only explanation I have to why they would televise that game. They love the arbitrary non-story story-lines over at ESPN.
And look! We play the Bucs and the Jags as usual. Has that same fervent, dynamic, blood-in-the-water feeling as when the Marlins play the Devil Rays, doesn’t it?

And on August 30th, we visit New Orleans. The only question on that day will be, which city will be more under the water from the latest hurricane that hit the US coast this summer. Should be tons of fun for the entire family!

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