Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Bullets

Another crazy busy day for me .... another bullets post for you. Gotta run, the boss has me running around town looking for eggplant calzones' for him. Big Stein's gotta eat! ...

- Another day, another Dolphin bolts to an AFC East rival.

- A Q & A with Dolphins owner Wayne H. Huizenga. "Just because you're an owner doesn't mean you know what the heck is going on." I didn't make that up. He actually said that.

- Dolphins Notebook highlights:

Ricky Williams is writing a book.

Chris Chambers must be a member of MSD Nation. ''(Trent) Green is a Pro Bowl quarterback,'' Chambers said. ``I don't know how much he has in the tank. He's pretty old as far as football years. Carr is a young, fiery guy. I actually like him. Once he gets a fresh start, he'll be a pretty good quarterback.''

Ricky Williams is writing a book!

Jason Taylor likes the direction the team is taking: ''I understand what they're trying to do. When you're 6-10, you've got to rebuild because you didn't do enough to win enough games. There are different levels of rebuilding. Hopefully, we're not on a total tear-down. We can be a playoff contender for sure. We can be in the AFC Championship Game like New Orleans was [in the NFC Championship]. We can turn it around very quickly.''

Ricky Williams is writing a book!!!!

- Armando Salguero breaks down even further why trading for Trent Green -- and dealing with the Chiefs' front office in general -- is a bad idea.

- Guess who's feeling better and is getting ready to come back? Oh yea. (Happy now, Cliff? Douchey McDouchebag.)

- Remember Ugueth Urbina? He helped the Marlins win the 2003 World Series. He was a shut down closer. He kissed Ivan Rodgriguez on the lips after every win. He's a flame thrower. No, litterally. He's a flame thrower. And he's going away for a while. He's now officially the craziest sports figure in Miami sports history.

- And in the "Dolphins News Is Rather Slow Lately" category: A tribute to Olindo Mare.

- Congrats to the Big Aristotle as he passed Reggie Miller for 12th on the all-time on the NBA scoring list. Can you dig it?

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Hey Dude,
Congrats!!! Armando's blog is pretty much on target. I don't think Green is worth the mind masturbation that is going on and if Mueller does actually get Green, we'll ALL know that he couldn't hold it and blew his wad too early. They should either get Carr or stay pat and wait for the draft.

Oh by the way!!! RICKY WILLIAMS IS WRITING A BOOK!!!!!!!!!
Ha ha .. thanks Dude. Yea, I'm happy.

Go Heat baby!!!
An Olindo Mare tribute? Wow. Quick, someone stab Jason Taylor so we can have something new to talk about!
LOL ... Thanks Gersom.
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