Monday, March 05, 2007

Wade Putting Off Surgery, Will Try To Come Back This Season

Dwyane Wade says that he's going to put off surgery and try to make a comeback this season.

"My decision for the next two to three weeks is to rehab with the possibility of coming back, but with no guarantees," Wade said. "I'll find out after therapy and rehab how my body responds to things."

Even by opting for rehab, Wade said he eventually would have to undergo shoulder surgery. By delaying the procedure, it is possible that Wade will miss the early stages of next season."It could have been easy for me just to shut it down,'' he said. "It's tough, because I don't know if I can attack. But my body is my body; I'll find out after the rehab."Wade also revealed he tore his labrum."There's no further damage I can do,'' he said of his medical opinions.

Wade said he remains aware the shoulder could again pop out of place upon his return."You would hope to think you could come back to play a couple of games,'' he said of a potential regular-season return. "My spirits are high. I'm excited to go forward and do the therapy." [Sun-Sentinel]


A true warrior. Good luck!
I guess it's a case of having to trust D-Wade AND the doctors. But I just have a bad feeling about him coming back this year. We're barley eeking out wins, it's very possible that we'll meet Detroit in the 1st round, the Bulls have OWNED us this year. And his shoulder could pop out at any time. Why risk it? Get surgery now and come back strong for next season's run. Am I being too pessimistic??? It's hard to be reasonable during these times...
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