Friday, March 23, 2007

Trade For Green Close To Completion

As per PFT, the's Adam Schefter is reporting that the trade between the Dolphins and Chiefs for Trent Green is getting closer to becoming a reality.

"Per Schefter, the Dolphins and Green have nearly reached an agreement on a new contract, which surely would reduce significantly Green's base salary of $7.2 million. The only remaining hurdle is the striking of a deal between Miami and Kansas City. Published reports indicate that the Fins are willing to send the seventh-round pick (one of the last in the draft) that was obtained from the Patriots as part of the Wes Welker trade. The Chiefs, apparently, want more."

And the Sentinel is reporting that Green says he wants to be a Dolphin.

Maybe Green saw that the Fins were talking to the Texans about David Carr. Maybe talking to Houston about Carr was all a ploy to speed up the process with Green. Maybe Schefter is trying too hard to make people realize he's better than Chris Mortensen. This is the same guy who said Donte' Stallworth and Miami pretty much had a deal. Then Stallworth signed with New England. Doh.

Either way. If the report is true, this sucks all kinds of ass. There better be a grand master scheme here that we're not seeing. There better be a bigger picture. There better be a plan better than this. Because the Wizards behind the curtain who we've been raving about and have welcomed into town with open arms are suddenly beginning to look and act very much like the former jack-ass who ran this team.

Ugh. Stay tuned ...
The Houston Chronicle is reporting that David Carr could be released by the Texans as early as this weekend.
Update 2:
Meanwhile, Cam Cameron spoke to the media about his team's quarterback situation. And said a whole lotta nothin'.
Update 3:
The Texans have released David Carr. GET ON THE PHONE, MUEL!!!


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