Thursday, March 29, 2007

This Trent Green Thing May Last A While

Dolphins Bullets:

- This guy Carl Peterson? Bit of an ass. As Armando Salguero pointed out on his blog yesterday, the Chiefs' president is notorious for waiting possible deals out until the eve of the Draft. One only has to look at the Patrick Surtain deal that went down a few years ago. Apparently, Peterson is not budging from his stance that he wants a second round pick for 37 year old concussed Trent Green. And he is willing to wait until the night before the draft.

Look, the guy saw what the Falcons got from Houston for QB Matt Shaub and feels he's entitled to demand the same thing for his guy. But there's a few things Carl is apparently not keen on. First off, the Falcons robbed Houston with that deal. This is the same Houston team, mind you, that drafted some guy whose name I can't even remember first overall last year and passed on Vince Young and Reggie Bush. Secondly, Peterson's gotta put down the bong. No one is going to give him a second round pick for Green. Steve McNair was traded to Baltimore last year for a fourth. We got Joey Harrington for a fifth.

If the Dolphins are waiting for the Chiefs to just cut Green, I guess that's fine. But if we give the Chiefs any picks -- at any level -- we're getting shafted in that deal. But the Lions are in on the Green chase too. So they may just go ahead and give KC a second and a third rounder. Because Matt Millen is a retard.

- Speaking of not giving away draft picks for 37 year old quarterbacks ... we need all the picks we can get. It's looking more and more like we're about to lose one of our 6th round picks.

- Wayne Huizenga says he wants "character guys" on this team. I want guys who can play defense like Lawrence Taylor (coke/stripper addict), catch and run like Randy Moss (malcontent/moons crowds) and throw the football like Dan Marino (partied a lot in college/eats that NurtiSystem crap). But that's just me.

- Oh and Joey Porter? A change in teams hasn't changed the fact that he's still a dick.

Go Fins.


I can't believe that we're even dealing with this shit. What is the big fucking deal for wanting an over the hill, injured Trent Green? Petersen can wait until the apocalypse and no one in their right mind is going to give up a 2nd rounder. If we do that, we're officially the dumbasses of the NFL...

Meanwhile, someone like the Vikes will pick Carr up and it'll be cinderella saints again (o.k. that might be a stretch) why would you pass on a guy who a.) WANTS to play for your organization which probably equates to trying and playing reall damn hard to prove his worth, b.)who is YOUNG and trainable, my God, you have one of the best QB's coaching combo and you want Green?

I agree with LP. What is there to even discuss. Green is too old and injury prone (he's not Favre) and Carr could play this weekend. With our current offnsive knowlege base he is the obvious choice.

If we sit and wait for Green we will lose Carr and then when Green takes that big hit what happens next won't be very pretty to watch.

Can broccoli call plays and read defenses? can it throw to right colored shirt? something we already struggle with.
Here, here Hank...

here's why you'll give more than a 7th for trent green.

your kicker, mare, just got traded for a 6th.

so yeah, trent green is worth quite a bit more than a 7th, idiots.

he's worth a 2nd, 3rd OR 4th round pick. just ask terry shea, his former QB coach, who's now employed by the dolphins. carl peterson knows what he's doing on this one.
Hey, Carl Peterson commented here! Sweet!

Look fella, if Green was worth a 2nd 3rd or 4th, the trade would've been done already. The Dolphins have many, many, many needs they need to address in the draft. If our GM is giving up anything more than a 7th for a 37 year old concussed QB who is one good hit away from becoming a head of lettuce, then he should be fired, and then drawn & quartered.

But thanks for stopping by.
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