Friday, March 23, 2007

That New Carr Smell

The Dolphins are in talks with the Texans about quarterback David Carr. This is good news. At least take a look. That's all I ask. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Houston can't be asking for too much for Carr. They're in no position to. He's under contract - a huge contract -- and the team has already made it clear that Matt Shaub wil be the starter. No team wants a former first round QB earning multi-millions as their backup.

The Texans do want maybe a mid-round draft pick.

"But if the Dolphins really want Carr, they can have him, the personnel official said, by exchanging first-round picks with the Texans. The Texans have the No. 10 pick. The Dolphins are scheduled to pick at No. 9."

Swap the 9th and 10th picks? If that's all it takes -- and nothing more, Mueller -- then I'd do this swap. It's only one pick higher and the players the Fins are targeting will still be there (I'm telling ya, Houston wants Levi Brown more than the Fins do). If that's all it takes -- and nothing more, Mueller -- then we essentially get two players for the price of one.

I spoke about the Dolphins getting Carr last year over at my old site. He's a talented QB. He's a great athlete. Is he the answer? Probably not. That's why I believe very strongly that the Fins must draft a quarterback this year. But if it's insurance the Dolphins are seeking, if their not in-love with Daunte, if Cleo is not the way to go ... then Carr presents the best option out there. Better than Trent Green. Better than Tim Rattay. Better than Jake Plummer. Carr is not Joey Harrington. Carr is more physically gifted than Harrington, can make every throw a QB needs to make, is more mobile, is tougher, is an accurate passer and has all the tools to be a solid QB. He's just a little shell shocked. But that's fine.

I'll take shell-shocked over Peg Legs and Noodles-For-Brains any day.

Get Carr, Dolphins.

(Just don't freaking over pay for him!!!)
The Houston Chronicle is reporting that David Carr could be released by the Texans as early as this weekend.
Update 2:
The Texans have released Carr.


You know, I'm not too crazy about Carr. But like you said, he IS the best option out there. Obviously something's up with Daunte. And hopefull this sin't a ploy to get KC to lower their asking price for Green.

I doubt the Texans are just going to give him away for a first round pick swap. They'll probably ask for a 6th rounder or something. I really hope they don't over pay for him.
I remember that article from your old website! I remember how your other columnist bashed you for it. What ever happened to that guy anyway?

Anyway, I really hope this isn't a ploy like FinFan said. I really like Carr. He's tough, durable and accurate. He's gotten a bad rap because his teams have always sucked royally. 249 career sacks!!! The Texans are notorious for having shitty offensive lines and giving Carr zero protection. And you're right, this is no Joey Harrington. Carr is way better than him.

I hope we can land this guy and then draft Edwards or Stanton in April.
It's really sad the position Nick Saban has left this team in. He might have improved the salary cap issues but my god what was he smoking when choosing Daunte over Drew Brees.
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