Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Report: Dolphins To Sign Joey Porter

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is reporting this morning that the Dolphins will sign LB Joey Porter sometime today.
The deal reportedly will be for 5 years, and will pay a total of $24 million, including a $12 million signing bonus.
Not sure how reliable this report is. PFT.com says that the Tribune-Review has a history of "gaffes" in their reporting.
We should know more later today or, perhaps, later this week as Porter is scheduled to meet with the Bengals on Wednesday. Hopefully that meeting won't take place and this report will prove to be true.
I'm heading out of town for the day. So be sure to check on SporTech Matter for any Porter updates JD gets. I'll bang my thoughts when I get back tonight.
Let me just say this before I go: This report makes me giddy. And excited. But mostly giddy...
Go Fins!!!


Damn I hope this is true!!! I'm already imagining Porter and Taylor killing quarterbacks with Zach wreaking havoc in the middle with Channing!!! Awesome... hope our hopes aren't dashed by faulty reporting.

Have a safe trip Dude!
this news makes my dick hard and makes me want to jerk it - vigorously.
Sporting News Radio is confirming the news. I figure Tony Bruno has no need to lie. So, finfan1, it will be a wild dream to see that defense kicking ass. A nice, real, wild dream come true.

Thanks for the cool blog, Dude!
I like it. I like it a lot. Some would argue that we're over paying him a bit but the market is what it is. And we filled a big need on defense by shoring up the outside linebacker (weakside). After Clements and Adalius signed elsewhere, Porter became the best player in the free agency pool and we got him. Now all we need is a solid DB (or two) and our defense will be stellar. I figure all these draft picks we're aquiring will be spent on offense.

roro kid - you are both sick and hilarious all at the same time.
It's official!! Porter's a dolphin! I wish I could photo shop a jersey on him in that photo with Brady...

i just came..!


I am disturbed with everyone's sexual climaxes regarding Joey Porter.

Besides, I'm saving mine for the draft.

I still have a semi from yesterday, should I call the doctor?
LMAO...ah, good times, good times...

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