Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Quickie With The Dude

Brief Wednesday Afternoon Bullets:

- An interview with Cam Cameron. Boring is as boring does.

- The Sun-Sentinel says the Dolphins' off-season moves leaves lots of questions. Seriously, if one more SoFla fish-wrapper bitches about us being "out bid" for Donte Stallworth and "losing" Wes Welker, my head is going to explode. This is what happens when the news is slow.

- RealFootball argues the case for going after Randy Moss. It's a decent argument. But I don't see it happening.

- I really don't understand this. I really don't.

- A lot of the mock drafts out there -- as well as a lot of you guys -- see the Dolphins drafting OT Levi Brown at No. 9. But according to this article, the Fins "do not think highly of former Penn State left tackle Levi Brown." I don't see Brown in a Dolphins uniform. The way I see it, the Browns are going to take Brady Quinn and the Texans, who also want Quinn and pick No. 8, will then take Brown once Quinn is off the board. This will leave the Fins with two options: Take the best available player (I still think they're taking Okoeye) or trade down to the middle part of the first round.

Update: As reported here by Roro Kid and elaborated by FinFan1 (MSD Nation commenters!), the Texans have traded for QB Matt Shaub from Atlanta. The trade includes the two teams swapping first round picks next month ... which opens the door for Levi Brown becoming a Dolphins a little more. The Texans went from the 8th pick to the 10th and it's clear Atlanta is not targeting an OT. So ... there you have it. Levi may be a Dolphin yet ... Tomorrow I plan on posting why the Dolphins won't trade up and then a half hour later, the NFL Network will report that the Fins and Lions have swapped picks ...

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Guess the Texans are out of the mix on the Quinn sweepstakes since they just snatched up Matt Schaub - a guy I've always REALLY, REALLY liked and would have gone after for the right price. Do you think he would have been worth one of our 2's? I don't know....I'm so tired of giving up draft picks.

I'm kinda into going after the 19 year old myself. Just seems like a good investment, kid's got a good background and he's a physical beast. I know we need help on offense but I think we can address those issues in later rounds. No one is really blowing my mind on offense with the #9 pick.
Yea, I just saw that on the ESPNNews ticker. Just re-enforces my belief that Houston is going to grab Levi with the 8th pick. And my personal choice for Okoeye at 9 is exactly the same reason as yours: No one on offense left that blows my mind. Not anyone we should be taking with the 9th pick.

The OT position is pretty deep, given that we have 2 picks in the 2nd -- we can still get a solid OT then.
Glad the afternoon bullets are back! I'm also glad Schaub has finally been traded. All this offseason talk every year of a Schaub deal started to get old.

Houston took a big risk here and gave up alot for a QB who has only 6.4 yards per attempt in his career.
That's gotta be better than Daunte's. Think his was like -4.6 yards per attempt...hahaha
Just read on PFT that the trade for Shaub includes a first round swap. Which means the Texans now have the 10th pick. So, we could land Levi just yet. And yes, I'm one of those who believes and hopes we get him at 9.

True, but I never said I wouldn't take Schaub in a heartbeat. Houston overpaid, not the Dolphins.
Now that Houston's got Shaub, this means Carr is expendible. And if the Phins aren't confident about Daunte and are looking to trade for another QB, why not go after Carr? I'd certainly welcome him over Trent Concussions. What are the chances Houston will release him?
That's a great question, Marv. I'm sure the Texans will hold onto Carr as long as possible to see if they can get value for him. But I'm with you on this. If the FO really wants another QB and aren't feeling good about Daunte, then I'd go after Carr waaayy before I go after Green.
Carr is definitely worth a shot. He has shown leadership, despite his struggles and he has a big time arm too.

No to Green or Moss...we need to build with youth. These guys would be only good for a year or two. Not to mention Green is a never-has-been. Why would anyone be more excited to see Green over Culpepper? Green has had the luxury of the KC line and the best running game and still hasn't been that impressive. Hopefully Carr is released and we can take a shot at him. I don't think we could trade for him, because we would have to pick up that massive #1 overall money. At least he is young enough to be a long-term solution.

As far as the draft goes, I'm starting to think we should try to move down. We have so many needs, and the only players that standout to me are Johnson, Thomas, Quinn, Russell, and Peterson(who we don't need). Picks 6 through 20 could be a toss up. We probably don't have the goods to trade up. I think it would be a good move if we can move down and be confident that we could land one of the top 2 DTs, Ginn, or a CB Muell and Cam are high on and gain an extra pick. If we don't have a good draft we could be looking at another 2-3 years of misery. I'm anxiously awaiting April 28th.

One thing for sure is that we need to get some o-linemen
Great points, NY.

If we can't trade up for Calvin, Quinn Russell or Thomas, I'd like to see us trade down. The two guys I'd then target in the middle of the first are CB Chris Houston (Arkansas) and WR Robert Meachem (Tenn.). Then get an OT somewhere in the 2nd round. There will still be some quality tackles left in the 2nd.
This Trent Green stuff is really making me question the competence of the Mueller/Cameron regime right of the bat. This move is not the work of skilled football men. We're trading for a QB that will be 37 and has ground hamburger for brains.

Greg Bedard posted a new article tonight on the PBP website claiming that the trade is "likely", and that the last hurdle is working out a new contract with Green. Looks like all we'll send KC's way is the seventh rounder we got in the Welker trade.

I still don't get this move.
Thanks for that update, BP.

I just threw up in my mouth.
I don't understand this Trent Green deal either...thanks for the updates guys on Carr, didn't know all that was going on with Schaub (long week on the grind)...there has to be something that Muel and Cam aren't showing, if this TG thing is smoke and mirrors for something else (and I have no clue what that would be)

why take a headcase in addition to a badlegged quaterback...we gotta do something with the QB spot in the draft...

(not getting the Green thing at all)

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