Monday, March 19, 2007

Joey Porter In Vegas. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Joey Porter was cited for misdemeanor battery Sunday after allegedly punching Bengals left tackle Levi Jones in the face at a Vegas casino.

"The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Porter had a brief altercation with Cincinnati left tackle Levi Jones while at a gaming table at the Palms Casino. Jones required on-site medical attention, Las Vegas police spokesman Lt. Kevin McMahill told the Review-Journal." [Sun-Sentinel]

This will likely turn into a slap on the wrist. As Dolphins fans, we don't have to worry. I mean, this happend in Vegas. Those kind of late-night shenannigans don't happen here in Miami. Never.

Apparently, Jones and Porter have a history. Maybe this is why Porter chose the Dolphins over the Bengals. Maybe Porter is just pissed that Jones seems to dominate him when they play against each other. Maybe Jones said something about Porter's nick-name.

But I disagree. Look at the evidence. The fight was at a gaming table. And anyone who's ever been to Vegas with a buddy knows how infuriating it is when your buddy won't stand at 19. Everyone knows you never ask for a hit at 19!!!


Hit Me!!!!
Every one knows, What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.
Someone told me Porter was talking trash at Jones and was flashing his Super Bowl ring and then the brew-ha-ha started.

Never double down, Levi!!!

I really want to add something to this but I don't even know what to say. Can't really defend the dude until I see him wearing an Aqua practice jersey at the very least....
Here, here roro...

Joey's gonna fit right in.
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