Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Hi Randy. This is Mike calling from Denver. Yea. About that trade we made? ..."

Big Daddy is M.I.A.

And that means we could lose that 6th rounder* we got for him from the Broncos. According to the Palm Beach Post, Dan Wilkinson needs to take a physical for Denver by tomorrow or else the trade will be voided. (I really gotta get those guys on my blogroll) says that neither the Fins nor the Broncos have been able to get a hold of him. He's not answering his phone. He can't be found.

PFT also writes: "The thinking in some league circles is that, although Wilkinson says he plans to retire, he wants to be able to play in 2007 without having to participate in an offseason program. Some believe that, if the Broncos or the Dolphins were to tell Wilkinson that he doesn't have to show up for offseason workouts, Wilkinson would relent."

Wilkinson doesn't want to participate in any offseason programs. Can you blame him? Look at him. He's an Adonis! Still ... he goes all Jimmy Hoffa on our asses? This is why we're losing out on a valuable extra draft pick? What are the chances he emerges in Denver by tomorrow for that physical? I'd say the odds of Wilkinson being a no-show are as high as him being able to swallow Olindo Mare whole.

We have to assume we've lost the pick. And another defensive tackle. This time to retirement (and possibly to some KFC popcorn chicken value meals). Yet some people still debate that we shouldn't address the position in the draft. People, people ... ...

Meet No Face

In other Dolphins news: The team's official website released a Meet David Martin page. Or as we call him here at the MSD, No Face. Basically because no one knows who he is, the local sports media can't even remember his name when they mention him in blog entries and this may be the quietest free agency signing for a starter this team has ever had.
Thus, the nick-name.
Now, I'm not saying I regret that we let Good Hands go. Dropping passes in the red zone and hitting women is no way to through life. What I am saying is that, come mid-season, I'm betting that we're all going to be whining about how this team has no tight end. No Face is a solid enough player. But he's a bit of an injury risk. He's been in the league 6 seasons. Only once has he played an entire 16 week season. Not sure he's the answer at TE. But if he can prove himself worthy, he shall earn himself a better nick-name. Or maybe we'll just call him David Martin.
Offensive Lineman Anyone?
Free agent guard Matt Lehr will visit the Dolphins next week. Leur started at left guard for the Falcons the past two seaons. He was suspended 4 games last season for violating the NFL's steroids policy. He was released by new Falcons coach Bobby Petrino on Monday. Don't know much else about Leur. But I do know we need beef. And he's beef. With a side of HGH.
More Dolphins stuff as I get it. And remember, get them mock drafts ready ...
*Thanks JD.


That's what happens with old out of shape players. They get lazy and a horrible work ethic. I expect us to send that draft pick back to Denver by Friday. By the way we received a 6th rounder for him (pick 183 according to the DOT).

I really enjoyed the David Martin interview and how he really wants to work with Dan Marino to help the cause for autism. I love stories like this when professional athlete's show they are normal human beings as well.

I'm all for starting to look at the O-Line but we will probably do our most upgrading during the draft.

Once again, nice late night Dolphin coverage.

Ho hum.
Right.... 6th rounder. Thanks, JD.
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