Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Green To The Dolphins Imminent?

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the only thing holding up the Dolphins completing a trade for Chiefs QB Trent Green is a new contract. The Dolphins are apparently asking Green to take a major pay cut -- from $7.2, $7.7 and $9.2 million he is due over the next three seasons -- to a whopping $820,000 (the league minimum). The Dolphins would then hand over one of their 7th round picks to the Chiefs.

"The Dolphins are continuing talks with Green's representatives and, a source said, the two sides are 'in the same ballpark' and the deal is 'still likely' to get done. Dolphins coach Cam Cameron and quarterbacks coach Terry Shea have coached Green in the past and he is well-schooled in Cameron's offense."

I will never understand this move. But, once Green does become a Dolphin, I suppose I'll have to find some positives in it. In the meantime, this tells me a number of things:

#1. No matter how much positive press we get or how much we read about how well Daunte Culpepper's off-season workouts and rehab is going or how much progress he's made, this team is simply not feeling good about Culpepper right now. Not when you're giving up draft picks for a 37 year old concussed player.

B. There's going to be a log-jam at QB this year. Culpepper, Cleo Lemon, Green ... and whomever the Fins decide to draft in April (you guys are drafting a QB this year, right? Right??!!).

3. Two gimpy quarterbacks, Lemon and a rookie means the team must address the offensive line in a major way in April.

And D. This move doesn't say much for Cleo Lemon either. If they have to make this trade, then I hope it's a one year deal -- 2 years tops. The only way this transaction makes any sense to me is if Culpepper truly is a shell of his former self and the Dolphins draft either JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Drew Stanton, Kevin Kolb or Trent Edwards in April as the future franchise QB for this team. Otherwise ... what the hell are we doing???

Hopefully I'll be proven wrong about Green. But I had this same feeling about Culpepper last year. Guh.

And, by the way, if the Dolphins are interested in getting Houston QB David Carr -- who has become expendable now that the Texans gave up a bunch of draft picks and each of the coaching staff's first born to the Falcons for QB Matt Shaub -- money will be the major issue. Carr is set to earn $6.75, $5.5 and $6.0 million over the next three seasons. As I mentioned in the comments, this is the guy we should be going after if we're really in the market for another quarterback.

Your thoughts?

P.S. Thanks for the tip, Brigadier Pudding. Once again MSD Nation comes up huge! You guys kick ass!!


No, we should not pursue green. It's aqua what we're looking for. Not green!

What we need is a young QB at the draft; trading one pick to Cleveland to assure we've got Quinn, who could become our legitimate franchise player in aqua, white and orange.

But again, not green, please!
Hell No! on Green. Has he even played a whole season in the past few years? He is 37 and our O-line is a grease fire!! Go after Carr and draft a rookie. Looks Like the same Homer crap that we had with satan. Gettting a guy because he's a familiar face to the coaching staff. That SUCKS!!!
I think it sucks. The pay cut is a major issue. If we can get him for the league minimum and just a 7th rounder, then I won't be as upset about it. But overall, I think this is a really bad idea.
Man talk about mixed signals from this franchise! First they cut a bunch of old, used up players. Now they're giving away a 7th round pick for a -- wait for it! -- old, used up player!

Hopefully this Matt Shaub deal shook things up in the FO and they're at least considering Carr. Like you said, Dude, if they HAVE to get another QB, then why not a younger guy with more up side than, say, a 37 year old washed up concussed QB?

This franchise can be so fucking infuriating sometimes!
yeah courtney love on her period after the meth lab blew up...

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