Monday, March 05, 2007

Goodbye Blue Skies, and Wes and Good Hands...

The Dolphins continued to clean house today.

The Fins have released QB Joey Harrington and TE Randy McMichael. McMichael's release came before the Dolphins were set to pay him a $3 million roster bonus. The Fins also avoided paying Harrington a $1 million roster bonus by releasing him.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins went ahead and traded WR Wes Welker to the Patriots (dealin' with the devil) for their second round pick and a seventh round pick.

Could Olindo Mare's days be numbered too? Maybe.


Crap. Welker? Did Cameron and Mueller really think the Fish had a surplus at WR?

McMichael was nothing to lose -- it's hard to deny his game had gone south since all his personal problems started piling up a couple years ago.

And Harrington is nothing better than an expense backup. Not the answer for the team at QB.

Still pissed about losing Welker.
Classic picture of McMichael. That's the epitome of his play.

I don't mind losing Wes. I mean, did you see what the Pats are going to pay him??? Re-fucking-diculous! I'd be more pissed if the Fins matched their offer and were forced to throw away that much money on a kick returner/3rd option WR. A 2nd and 7th round pick are decent enough. Sure, we're now more shallow at WR but if we sign Kelly Washington and address the position in the draft, it'll be fine. I will miss him though. Tough little scrapper.

I Very much agree finfan, losing wife beater is no big loss, and even though I'll miss the little guy, wes was a tough s.o.b. as far as getting some much needed draft picks can't hurt to have em'. I say let's start from scratch and rebuild this mother. go fins!!!
"9. Miami: Alan Branch, DT, Michigan
The Dolphins could go a lot of ways here. Quinn's a distinct possibility if he slips this far. If not, the Dolphins likely will address their aging defense. Penn State linebacker Paul Posluszny makes sense, too, because linebacker is a crying need. But if the highly versatile Branch -- who can play end in a 4-3 scheme or nose tackle/defensive end in a 3-4 -- is available, the Dolphins would figure to grab him.'

from Vic Carucci at NFL.COM...thoughts?

Lady Phin: Alan Branch is a stud. And he should be atop the Dolphins draft board. I know the Dude likes Okeye but Branch is more versatile in my opinion. If Quinn or Russell are gone at 9, I'd take Branch. Paul Posluszny is good but not worth a top 10 pick. Neither are any of the CBs in this class. So drafting Branch is very possible.

As for Welker -- yea I hate to lose him. The Patriots screwed us in a way and from what I understand, the Dolphins could have worked it where the team that signed him would've had to have given up a 1st round pick. But maybe then, NE wouldn't have bothered signing Wes. Either way, I like that we're collecting draft picks. It seems that this new-look FO is going for a youth movement. Still... I hope they spend the money they're saving on signing Porter.

Go Phins!
I agree with you, finfan1. Wes will be missed, but the team can only afford so much for a non-stellar player.

A couple months ago, while playing Madden 07, I cut Welker, Harrington, Mare, and Carter, too. It's as if my video game strategy were repeated in the real world. If things were according to my video game league, it'd be turn for Miami to pick a first round QB and a very decent DT, next.
thanks Marv...i hope we get someone decent...i do have a good feeling about these moves, the end justifies the means and if the means include trimming fat that has weighed us down and capped us out of draft picks then to trim we must...

starting to see the sun break through the trees...

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