Monday, March 26, 2007

The Dude Gets Tanked

A few weeks ago, the good folks over at Most Valuable Network asked me to join their staff as a contributing writer for their Miami Dolphins site, The Phish Tank. has been around since 2003 and prides itself on being the first and largest sports blog network on the internet. It has sites for just about every major professional and collegiate sports team in its network. Some of you may be familiar with The Phish Tank, which is one of the original Dolphins blogs to emerge onto the scene and features the fine work of Sean Fowler and Gabriel Santamaria.

As a contributor there, I plan on posting one or two columns a week. My work there will be more on the analytical and investigative side of things. More “serious,” if you will. But I’ll still try to be as entertaining as I can while dishing out info and opinion on our beloved Dolphins. And I wanted to invite you, MSD Nation, to come join the fun over at the tank and leave me a comment or two whenever I post. I’ll let you know here on MSD with a link whenever I do write something over there. You can also find The Phish Tank link over on the Miami Herald Dolphins page. Or, you can always bookmark.

But do not fret MSD Nation. While over there I’m called by my Christian name. Over here, I’m still the Dude. And this will still be the number one place where I post my daily thoughts on the Fins and await your crazy comments throughout my day. While the Phish Tank will be for the journalist in me, the MSD will be the place where I am free to make fart jokes, say words like “douchebag” and "jack ass" and call guys like Mark Cuban “the Billion Dollar Penis” and the Dolphins front office a bunch of idiotic monkeys.

The Phish Tank is where I’ll do my serious work. The MSD will be where I spend Happy Hour. And, as the Dude, I plan to spend more time in Happy Hour than at “work,” if you catch my drift.

So, just wanted to share this with you. I just posted my first column – a more detailed argument of something I’ve already covered here: Why the Dolphins should forget about Trent Green and go get David Carr.
Drop by and leave me a comment if you can.

Otherwise, I’ll see you at the bar, douchebags.


Very well done Dude. Congrats on your new weekly column.

Ah, the big time, eh. Nice job Dude. Congrats and keep up the good work. Keep telling those front office morons how to fix our team! :)

Congrats Dude. Good stuff. Best part of all this is we get to find out your real name! Never mind all the Dolphins stuff. :)
Man I’m gone for a while and the whole system breaks down! Dude on MVN? That's like asking Ron Jaworski to be an analyst on Monday Night Football.

Oh and I already knew the name. And have been keeping silent for a year wanting to tell everyone! Man what a relief! …
You can’t say douchebag over there? That sucks. What are you going to call Tom Brady whenever you mention him? Tom Brady? That’s boring. Could you at least make jokes about him impregnating everything in his line of site?
Congrats Dude and nice article on Carr. I see JD and NYDolfan have already invaded the tank’s comments. Haha.
Congratulations, man. Good to see your work is being noticed. Good luck.
Happy for you Dude. And finding out your name is a bonus. But when are you going to post a picture over there? I’ve been dying for that ;)
Nice job Dude. Just don’t neglect the Heat while you work on your Dolphins stuff. You know, the team that’s actually won something in this town! ZING!!!
The Phish Tank’s readers have no idea what’s coming. A guy who likes to use the words dick, jackass, fuck, shit, piss, fart, ass and my personal favorite: douchebag. And that’s when he’s in a good mood about his teams. What was MVN thinking???
Awww ... Thanks guys. You all warm my cockles.

You guys rock. Sincerely.

Thanks also to those of you who left comments over at Phish Tank today. And thanks to those of you who came and read w/out leaving a comment too. The hits were all positive.

Sorry about the lack of posts here today. I've been crazy busy this week. But I'll catch up first thing Wednesday morning. Right now, I gots to crash. I'm beat.

See you tomorrow, Nation.
Dude...i stopped by and dropped my two wooden pennies...the nation is definitely behind you!

Thanks for your support Lady P.

I was wondering when you'd show up over there ... I knew you would eventually ;)
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