Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dolphins QB Situation Update: The Return of Rick Spielman?

According to Trent Green's agent, the Dolphins and Green have a contract in place that would make Green a Dolphin. However, the Chiefs are suddenly asking for more compensation from Miami than originally agreed. This has a lot to do with what the Texans gave up to the Falcons for QB Matt Shaub this week. Chiefs President Carl Peterson met with Randy Mueller on Wednesday at the University of Tennessee's pro day. Peterson and Mueller will talk again when they see each other at the NFL owners' meetings, which begin tomorrow in Phoenix.

No news on David Carr since his release from the Texans yesterday. But the general consensus is that there are a good handful of teams that will make a run at him. It’s also assumed the Dolphins will make a run at Carr should the Green deal fall through.

Meanwhile, the Fins expect Daunte Culpepper to be ready for the team’s min-camps, which start next month.

So, here's what we know so far:

1.) Trent Green and the Dolphins have reportedly agreed on a deal.
2.) The Chiefs want more than just a 6th or 7th round pick for him.
3.) David Carr is a free agent and will likely be pursued by the Raiders, Lions, Browns and Vikings.
4.) Meanwhile, Mueller will supposedly meet with Carl Peterson on Sunday to figure this whole Trent-to-Miami thing out.

So while we’re dicking around with Peterson and the KC front office, someone else is going to look to scoop up Carr while holding on to all their draft picks in the process.
Cam Cameron told reporters yesterday, "We’re going to build this team through the draft." But how can they do that if they’re possibly giving into Peterson’s demands for higher picks? Giving up valuable picks for a 37 year old concussed QB, while a perfectly good, healthier, younger, talented QB is out there looking for a job.
I’m going to give Mueller and Cam the benefit of the doubt here. No one can be this stupid and give up more valuable picks for Green. Seriously. Unless Rick Spielman left Minnesota and is secretly running things here again and no one's told us.
Here’s a scene I hope goes down on Sunday when Mueller runs into Peterson at the owner's meetings in Phoenix:
“Hi Carl. Nice tie! Helluva meeting, huh? Damn that Rooney can talk some shit. What a rambler. For a second there I thought I was at a Mutual of Omaha convention. Man what I need right now is a coffee and one of them hotel front desk honeys to take me down town. Know what I'm saying? Huh? Oh yea. (stretches, scratches his head and looks at his watch) Ahhh ... anyway ... about our deal for Green. I was thinking it over and we’re going to go ahead and move on. We’ve got other players in mind and, frankly, we want to keep the draft picks we have. Thanks anyway. I'll catch you later.”

Is it too much to ask this team to do the right thing for once? Is it too much to ask the front office to make the smart move for once?
Forget Trent Green, Dolphins. Let’s keep our picks. Let’s go after Carr. Let’s move on from the days of incompetence to the days of being respectable again.


I can probably understand not wanting to get into a bidding war with other teams then eventually overpaying for someone like Carr, but hey Mueller needs to see what the asking price for Carr is. I just don't see an aging, injury prone QB helping out the team. I guess there is that possibility that they see clear improvement out of C-Pep which is why there wanting to go after Green. Green is definitely short term and I mean only 2 to 3 seasons maximum. This is enough time to train a young QB in Cam's system. I think they also want Green to help C-Pep figure out the system quicker. But then again, I could be out of my FUCKING mind. Just get Carr and move on already.
Please no!!! say it aint so!! no trent green, al green, green beans,or my next door neighbor mr. green!! IT'S Bone- Headed calls like this fucking abortion that make us the laughing stock of the afc east!! DAM IT MUELL!!! GET CARR AND LET'S MOVE ON!! BUNCH OF CANCEROUS ASS-WIPES!!
Yes, we all want David Carr. It's quite obvious. Young QB looking for a fresh start to prove himself > Old man with head problems looking for one last hurrah.

Gee I wonder what the most logical answer is.

Time to just wait it out and see what happens. No sense for any of us to play Armchair GM and think our decisions would be any better then The Muel and Cam. I'm confident Cam knows what he is doing.

Hope your having a nice weekend Dude.

lmao...i love you gersom, great post...i have as much of an idea who the fins are going to settle with as much as I know who Anna Nicole Smith's baby-daddy is...

(shaking head with no fucking clue whatsoever)

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