Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dolphins Moving Up?

Last week I wrote this: "Armando Salquero says the Dolphins won’t do that. But I think it’s very possible. With all the draft picks we’ve accumulated this off-season, I’m sure we can swing something. The Lions have said they’re interested in trading down and acquiring more picks. Why not swap spots with the Lions and then hand them a 3rd round pick or, if push comes to shove, the 40th pick (the one we got for Wes Welker)?"

Today Salguero writes this: "...the Dolphins are interested in speaking with quarterbacks JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn, and could bring both to South Florida as part of their annual visits of college players ... The reason the Dolphins want to talk to both players could be telling: They could be considering a scenario where they trade up to the No. 2 overall pick, where Detroit is listening to offers ... The Dolphins have the No. 9 pick in the draft, and have two second-round picks."

Hoo ahh, Armando!!!
PFT has posted Salguero's column and agree that the Fins could be plotting a move to trade up in round one.

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It's an interesting thought. Didn't the Dolphins bring down Vince Young for an interview last year before the draft? Then again we did have Saban running things so ....

If this is the case, I'd be interested in knowing who Muel and Cam like more, Russell or Quinn. But someone else said it earlier here in the comments last week, if we do move up, why not take Calvin Johnson with the 2nd pick, assuming Oakland will take a QB?
I don't know, Dude. We have SOOO many holes to fill it would be nice to get one impact guy and a couple of developmental guys to help our offense. Have you seen our depth chart? it's fuckin' pathetic, man. I don't think either one of those guys is going to be a major player in the NFL. At least not for a couple of years....
I think the Phins should stay put and draft Levi Brown. I'm not for giving up picks to get guys that may or may not pan out. Too many question marks with Quinn and Russell, at least in my mind. I think we should draft Brown then take a WR or CB with our 2nd pick then maybe Trent Edwards if he's there.
The Dude trumping Salguero! Nice!

Of course all this moving up business is just speculation. I think it would be irresponsible of the Dolphins brass if they DIDN'T bring Quinn or Russell down for a looksy. Same reason they brought Vince Young down lasy year. In the end, I think they're going to stay put and draft the best available player and build accordingly. And losing that 6th round pick we got from Denver kinda spoils things somewhat.

Pacino rocks.

I wouldn't trade up for either Quinn or Russell. Simply for the fact of how much guaranteed money the 1st couple of picks get. If they don't pan out we're screwed.

However, if Calvin Johnson dropped to 3rd I wouldn't mind seeing us trade up with Cleveland for him, if the price was right. I'd give up a 1st, 2nd, and the late 3rd for him. He's that much of a sure fire thing to me.

Outside of that I'd stick at 9 and hope Levi Brown falls to us.
I hear you guys. Believe me. But here’s my thinking and why I would try to swing a deal if I were running the show:

1. Personally I really like both Russell and Quinn. I believe in franchise QBs and I believe both can become just that for us.

2. Rumors have it that the Fins are not in love with Levi Brown. I’m not either. If we could draft Russell or Quinn, there will be solid O-linemen to draft in the 2nd round, for example-- Joe Staley from Central Mich., Aaron Sears from Tenn. or Benn Grubbs from Auburn. There will also be plenty of talented CBs and WRs in the later rounds.

3. The recent accumulation of all these draft picks means there’s more flexibility. We can afford to give one up to move up and grab Russell or Quinn (or, hell, even Calvin) and still be able to fill holes in other areas.

4. The way I see it, this current Dolphins franchise is a few YEARS away from contention. So I say we take the same route the Indianapolis Colts took circa 1998: Draft a future franchise QB, and build around him via the draft and free agency this year and next. We’re left with very few alternatives and I, for one, am not convinced Daunte is the answer. Nor is Cleo.
I like Russell or Quinn but not at the expense of picks when we need help all over the place (especially O-line)...I hear ya Dude with needing a franchise quaterback but who's to say Stanton can't be that guy getting picked up later after we fill some holes...i'd hate to give up picks, get one of these guys and he flops and it comes back to bite us later...then that keeps us one more year in the "rebuilding" phase...I say stay
I would rather move up and get Johnson or Thomas. But I'm not opposed to Quinn or Russell either, they are just more risky. One HUGE thing we are underestimating is what it will take to move up to #2...Probably our first 3 picks of the draft. Certainly the #9 and our top 2nd rounder. Just look at past teams that have moved up. They give up 3rd rounders just to move up one or two slots. Remember when Ditka traded almost his whole draft to move up and get Ricky Williams. The jump from 9 to 2 is very significant. There are only about 5 obvious gems in this draft, and Peterson may be this year's Matt Leinart, with many teams already addressing their RB needs. Why do you think none of us can decide who the right pick is at 9? There are at least 10 players that could be selected there, none of which stand-out to us. If we were in the top 4, it would be much more obvious that we were getting good value. The GMs have a silly chart that they use to determine what it will take to move up in the draft. It will certainly be more than our 9 and the Pats 2nd rounder we acquired, and we don't have many expendable veterans with our lack of depth to move.(or that are valuable) Should we gamble with a guy like Levi Brown or Alan Branch or put all of our eggs in one basket and try to draft a savior(Quinn, Russel, Thomas, Johnson)?
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