Friday, March 23, 2007

David Carr Is A Free Agent

David Carr is officially a free agent.

This means we don't have to give up any draft picks.

Go get him, Dolphins.


YES! Please do the right thing, Dolphins. All we need to do is negotiate with Carr and convince him to come here. No giving up draft picks and no worries about another fragile (not to mention old) quarterback.

Here here. No giving up draft picks and no worries. Well said, Marv. Rumors are that if we land either Green or Carr, that Daunte will get cut. Either way, while I'm not all that crazy about Carr I'll take him over Green in a heartbeat.
I have a strong feeling Culpepper will not be a Dolphin for much longer. It seems to me they think either A. he will ever be completely healthy or B. won't fit in Cameron's system. Or both. And I think it's both.

Quite frankly David Carr is ours. There are two starting QB jobs in the NFL for all intents and purposes: Miami and Oakland. All Carr has to do is watch the game where Andrew Walter got sacked a record amount of times on Monday Night to make his decision. I'm not in love with the idea of bringing him here, but for no compensation it's worth a try.

I agree he's better than Harrington, but teams just don't cut franchise QB's. However, it might work. And quite frankly he's probably the best option right now.

Now we just need to give him some protection. I wouldn't mind passing on Levi Brown if I knew we could get Joe Staley in the 2nd.
I was one in minority who wanted us to make the Trent Green deal. But now things have changed dramatically. I say get Carr. Brian's right. There may not be a lot of teams who would be as appealing as the Fins right now as the job for QB seems to be wide open (according to Cam).

Carr has just never had great talent around him save Andre Johnson. And Carr has been sacked something like 60 times a season. So, yea, getting some O-line help in the draft would work. But Carr is tough, durable and more than capable and who better to tutor him than two QB gurus in Cam and Shea.

I hope they forget about Green and make this move. If insurance is what they want, Carr is the better deal.
Take the young QB over the concussion old guy every time.

Carr can throw the rock and he can put it in the bread basket if given enough time. There's a lot of upside. Give him time with the pass protection and he'll be fine.

But don't forget to draft a QB either.
Carr always played well against us. He's young with a strong arm and with time and good coaching maybe...well he is better than A crip and a guy that completes 1/2 his passes to the other guys.

Green is only one concussion away from a career but at least he is old.

If we don't get some OL he could get it (concussion) in the first 2 or 3 games, If we take Green we better have a contingency plan and that aint gonna be Cleo
I agree with Hank. If Mueller and Cameron are so in love with Green and end up taking him, they better have a Plan B because if the don't and Green goes down and C-Pep ain't right, well then we're back to how we ended last season in Indy with Cleo Lemon getting the call. And that's not making progress. And yes, this team MUST address both the QB and OL in the draft.
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