Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cameron And Mueller Visit With Porter

Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller flew to California to meet with Joey Porter at his home Monday. And according to Porter's agent, Jeff Sperbeck, the former Steelers linebacker was impressed with what he heard.

''[Porter] came away from the meeting very impressed with the direction they are taking the team,'' Sperbeck said. "Joey would be a great addition to the Dolphins.''

And according to NFL.com/NFL Network's Adam Schefter, landing Porter's services seems to be a two team race between the Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals. Schefter says the Dolphins are "hopeful" that they can sign Porter but the Bengals could be in a position to out-bid the Fins.

So, it could come down to Monday's meeting with Cam and Muel. Were they able to convince Porter that the team is going in the right direction, that they intend on making him a central piece of the defense, that he will have career seasons playing alongside Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor?... And it'll come down to whether the Bengals will throw a wad of cash Porter's way or not. He is scheduled to visit Cincinnati on Wednesday.

One thing is clear: Joey Porter has become the Dolphins' number one free agent target right now. And that is great news.

Landing Porter would be a huge splash and would mark Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller's first great move of the new era.

And landing Porter would mean seeing plenty of this in the coming seasons. Boo-ya, bitch!


I like the aggressiveness! Go get ‘em Muel!!!
The Fins could definitely use some "Brady-Bone-Crunching" defense!
that picture nearly brought me to climax!!! We need Porter like I need a release!!!

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