Thursday, March 22, 2007

Apparently, The Dolphins Think It's The Year 2000

The Dolphins signed wide receiver Az-Zahir Hakim today.

Well, that solves our WR troubles. And with the Fins still in talks with Trent Green, this team is shaping up to be an offensive juggernaut.

In 1999.

Maybe we can talk Marshall Faulk out of retirement. Then we'd really be set!
Watch out New England! We've got big troubles for you!
You got a date next season, baby!"


Memo to Miami Front Office:

What the fuck???


Lady P.

in unrelated news...looks like Tom's whistle twirler's not knocked up after all...Wes should be safe with Tom's balls : )
That's good Lady Phin. This F.O. needs a wake up call big time. Green and Azhakim are obviously guys Cam Cameron is familiar with and enamored with. But come on. Let's make moves that make sense. I'm waiting anxiously for the draft but these moves are not making me very hopeful about it.

Go Fins.
Unless both of these guys have got younger by 10 years, I can't see how this is an improvement. I thought the "Retread Brigade" was over when Satan ran for the hills of Alabamy. They must have some potent sh*t in store for the draft, otherwise it's looking like groundhog's day in SoFla.

Here a great Quote from the Sun Sentinel I think.

"Like Hakim, Liwienski has ties to Cameron, having played under him when the latter was head coach at Indiana University in 1997."

This is more Satan like Homer bullshit. We getting players not because they are the best available talent but because they played for Cameron in college!!! Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Indiana SUCK then ? What the hell. We damn well better get Carr and not fucking Trent Green!! Sorry for the rant
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